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10% Off "Most Wanted" DVDs and Blu-rays @ Zavvi


Another coupon code for Zavvi, this time it's 10% off their so called "most wanted" list of DVDs and Blu-rays.

They have a few items there that is currently a bit cheaper than at Amazon UK (even after Amazon UK removes VAT), so if you don't mind waiting a month or more for your order to arrive, there are a couple of buys you can make, for example (all prices include the 99p per order shipping cost, combine items to save a bit on shipping):

Note that, in typical Zavvi fashion, they've raised prices on some of the items listed in this "sale". Not all, but some.

All UK Blu-rays will work on Australian Blu-ray players. UK DVDs are region 2, and so you will require a region-free DVD player.

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    fair dues - zavvi have not cancelled my last couple of orders - despatched them within purchased time frames - and arrived in the best Zavvi packing for a long time. Of course they will revert back to their usual crap service at some point but at the mo they're pretty good.

    oh and people should be looking for the expanded planet of the apes boxset just released with the new film, which I thought was pretty good.


      Is that the 'Planet of the Apes: Evolution Collection'? The Blu-ray box set with all 7 movies can be had from Amazon UK for about $50 delivered.

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