This was posted 3 years 6 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iRacing 3 Month Subscription for New Users for €1/ A$1.69 with the purchase of a Fanatec Wheel


Found this ad while browsing Facebook marketplace. Not sure how long this would last for.

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    You have to buy a steering wheel from Fanatec to get this deal.

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      Oh man I'm an idiot

    • Just to get a three month trial for new customers only? iRacing has to be the biggest ripoff on the gaming world, even more shameless than Ubisoft. They charge per car, and they charge you per track.

      • The tracks, cars and tyre models are meant to be very detailed and close to real I've heard, but yeah paying per car and track on top of a monthly sub is ridiculous. I'm happy enough with games like Assetto Corsa.

      • Dont forget there is also the monthly subscription.

        Like paying for content on Netflix.

  • I used to have an iracing sub - great Sim but I gave up when I couldnt race regularly and it was just costing me $$. If you have had it before they occasionally send out codes for 50% off Subs, but even they seem few and far between these days. In the old days you also got Credit from placing highly in leagues and could use this to "buy" new cars and tracks, but you need to be driving very regularly ( and safely )

    • You can still get credits in the form of participation credit (I believe 8 weeks out of a 12 week season counts toward it, $4 per series), but it maxes out at $10USD per season.

  • The cost of iRacing is very high for Australian customers unfortunately. Not only do you pay a monthly subscription fee, you have to individually buy every track and car at about $20 each. New tracks and cars are added every season.

    It really adds up when you are paying in US dollars (there's no AUD pricing).

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      You don't have to buy everything though, in the exact same sense that you don't have to buy every DLC for a flight/train simulator.

      Most people will find a series they're comfortable with and settle with it, the majority of cost after this is just tracks. Once you spread the cost out over a few seasons or even years, it's honestly not that bad. I race in IMSA and NASCAR Trucks mostly, and only buy one or two tracks a season if that, with still plenty of racing to be had in between. There are also lots of other series that run mostly free tracks, with only the purchase of the car required (D class Ferrari fixed for example).

      I do agree on pricing though, it's a little high for new content, especially when we have to pay GST on top. Worth it for the competition though, no other sim comes close for online racing especially when it comes to oval class.

      • Unfortunately I preferred open wheel cars and there just wasn't the population for the B and A class series during Australian evening times.

        I'd still have a sub if the population was a bit higher. Their online rules are second to none and ensures mostly clean racing.

        • Yeah I understand, open wheel participation in Australian peak time isn't exactly great outside of the Skippies/F3.

          Have yet to try the new IR-01, but I don't think it'll be much better.

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    For anyone looking to get into it, check out the iRacing subreddit's sidebar, you can almost always get a 3 month "trial" for about $5 with a certain code. They also have sales on subscription costs (half price) for Black Friday once a year.

  • What makes this so different to other racing games, that means you have to pay all this money to play?

  • Imagine paying the subscription fee for Netflix, but then still buying each movie/episode. That's iRacing

    • Except you're going to watch that episode/movie once, and you're not using that content multiple times a week. It's not even the same thing.

      iRacing's membership cost is to access included content and their online racing platform… it's a little expensive but it is what it is… and each car/track is additional licensed content that you need to buy. It's no different to paying for PlayStation Network/Xbox Live, then buying every game you want to play online.

      • You can't tell me how I consume my media.

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          Perhaps worded it wrong. Most people will watch something once, or a couple times, on Netflix. I'd assume 99% of Netflix users don't watch the exact same thing multiple times over and over.

  • Took me until now to realise that's not a frog in the picture.

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      Now I can't unsee it.

  • So this isnt really worth it unless you have a lot of time at home to play racing sim all day long? how does this compare to real world track racing with your own car? im guessing you'll need a full sim getup to simulate every possible road and car feedback you could get so the experience is comparable to driving the real deal outside on a real track….

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