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Ergohuman Fit IOO $407.55 + Shipping @ DukeLiving MyDeal

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Best price currently for an Ergohuman Fit. Delivery to Sydney is around $50, and there is a 5% discount code per description in the link.

No one else appear to sell the black plastic base version of this chair, as all other sellers and Ergohumans official website only shows the chrome version. Might be discontinued stock.

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  • If anyone wants one without a headrest, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. I would advise to try it with/without one first though, as I found it made a significant difference for me. Already have ones with them and bought one without as a shared chair for another room to avoid adjustments, but the hassle of adjusting is worth the increase in comfort for me.

  • Is this comfortable for shorter people who like to sit straight/upright?

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      Seat base is on the taller side, compared to my cheap officeworks chair. My 166cm partner needs a footrest. Also seat back is designed with a slight lean, so no good if you like to sit perfectly upright.

      • Oo, yeah i like sit upright,

        Thank you for the info

        • All the Ergohumans seem to have that lean. The original ones in full leather ones mitigate it a bit because of the padding apparently, according to

      • Website says this:

        We recommend the IOO High Back for users 5’4″ and above with max weight 150kg. If you are below 5’4″ we can supply shorter gas lifts for a more suitable chair height. Please use our Contact Form to arrange prior to purchase.

        But can't find anything specifying the actual seat height range for this model. They specify 47cm-58cm for their Classic model which carries the same height recommendation. In my case, for home use, I'd need a chair that does about 42cm to allow my bare feet to rest flat on the floor.

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          Measuring mine at the lowest height, and unloaded, I get ~50cm for the highest point in the centre of the seat, and ~47cm for the front where the foam under the edge starts about 9-10cm from the front of the waterfall edge.

          I didn't even know they offered different gas lifts, will have to contact them for a set.

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    Browsed and was left a bit confused by the range with them all looking so similar. Where does the IOO fit into the picture?

    Looks like this specific model has been up on eBay for $478 since November, but that's inclusive of shipping, so about the same overall, give or take depending on destination.

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      I asked this exact question. Here's the response from

      "The IOO range is not branded Ergohuman and have nylon/plastic frames rather than cast aluminium. They are made by Ergohuman and are very good ergonomic chairs. While they have a less premium feel than an Ergohuman branded product, they are durable and reliable. We also offer these with the zero pressure fabric seat and white frame for those that want a something different to an Ergohuman Chair."

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        In addition to what c1ockwork posted, here's my response from the same vendor:

        The Ergohuman range have cast aluminium frames and are certified for bodyweights up to 150kgs and for up to 3 shifts (24hours) per day. They have a heavy duty mechanism and are a solid felling and heavy chair. We offer an all mesh, leather/mesh combo and an all leather version. Most models are black plus the Platinum in a grey/silver combination which is very contemporary.

        The IOO ranges have nylon/plastic frames and are very durable products, but don’t have the certifications of the Ergohuman Chairs. The IOO Weight Balance is the entry level Chair and has less adjustability than the IOO High Back. It is a very good ergonomic chair and a popular choice for office fit-outs where a good quality ergonomic chair is required at a price. We sell an all mesh, all black version only.

        The IOO High Back has a better mechanism including tension control on the backrest. Its close to the Ergohuman ranges for the range of adjustments and the frame materials means we have can have alternative colours. Therefore we sell a version with a white frame in black, red or blue upholstery with a mesh back and fabric seat. This is popular for home offices as they are more in keeping with the look of modern office technology with the white frame. The zero pressure fabric seat is contoured to reduce pressure points over long periods of sitting.

  • It looks like an "IOOB WEIGHT BALANCE" according to the Ergohuman website.

    All plastic.

  • Is there any real problem with nylon base? I mean, I'm not going to trash it. 5 year warranty too.

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      Aesthetic only. It’s rated at up to 150kg load (probably takes a lot more) but to cheapen it they’ve switched out the cast alloy base and put in Nylon. Unless you’re buying it for looks, it’ll make no difference

  • I have this chair at work except it has the chromed steel legs on it. The quality and comfort is not worth the extra price tag in my opinion. Yes, there is a heap of adjustments that can be made but very few of the will lead to a comfortable seating position YMMV. Pretty sure our purchase request was $550 + GST when we got it.

  • I've had my eye on an ergonomic chair for a while but not sure what to look for. It's the last piece for my new gaming/work setup at home.

    Is this a good one? Are there other models that I should be on the lookout for?

    Not sure if it will help but I'm 180cm and 75kg.

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    mildly amusing fact. I bought an ergohuman elite mesh from here

    the box came stating "milan direct". Wiki revealed turned out Kogan created the company in the same year as Kogan, and sold it off to Temple & Webster lol

    Is it relevant? not at all lol.

    As to how im finding the ergohuman v2 elite mesh, i guess it's alright. Back doesn't get as straight as I'd like it to be and the mesh base feels slightly uncomfortable to me after a few hours of use - mainly pressure points feeling. but that could just be me. Do I think it's worth $600? not really… (comparing to my $100 ikea chair)

    also there's a shop in North Melbourne (VIC) that sells herman miller refurbished/2nd hand for $950 Link Mate managed to nego to $800. I'm possibly considering.. maybe.. maybe not…

    • Thanks for that, I'd like to check them out in the next week
      Perhaps one of us could go and try to negotiate a deal with them as I'm looking to pick up 1-2 chairs, and you'd be looking to pick one up?

      • haha I don't think i can justify it after spending $600 on this new chair already (and a whole bunch of other stuff like a new drone, graphics card etc) haha. i'll just have to use it for a while more..

        You go ahead! good luck.

        also noting he said all size B available only. so if you're extra big/tall, might not suit. or small.

    • $950

      At that point I think I'd just sell my kidney and buy a brand new one for the 12 year warranty.

      • lol wait till you see what a new one costs.

        • $1690, so $740 extra but 12 years of warranty coverage versus SOL and being out $950 if something breaks that you can't fix on the second hand.

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