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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Case & Copper-Edged Storage Bag (Copper Gift Edition) $494.10 (RRP $549) Delivered @ Myer


Cheapest I could find anywhere. This edition was only released recently as a gift set for 2020 Christmas.

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  • Price in title please :) $494.10

  • $494.10 Price in title

  • $494.10 Price in title

  • Thanks for adding Price in title

  • do you actually get 500 worth of hair dryer or you are just paying for the brand?

    • It's actually pretty good..even use it to dry spills on fabric.

      Think the previous deal at 399 was a decent buy.

      • Username checks out.

        Pretty good? It would want to instantly dry hair at over $100. $12 Kmart hair dryer is pretty good. It can dry moisture from fabric too, that's what a hair dryer does. There is no bargain here, just a rip off for those lost to labels.

        • You say that but it actually dries your hair pretty instantly.

          Give it a try before bashing it ;)

          Then again you probably think home brand is good heh

        • I was against a $500 hair dryer when my mrs wanted one for Xmas…in the end she wanted to do some permanently straightening treatment for $500 (which is not permanent but 6 months or so….which defies me..) or get this and she says that she can straighten her hair from wet within 20 min from 40 min now (she has thicker hair). I didn't get it..in the end she got it….

          man…it did the job. I dont know how….but its worth it if she doesn't spend $500 doing that other thing.
          Secretly when she wasnt looking i used it on my hair and it seems to work better than the normal hair dryer.
          btw, i never use a hair dryer for my hair.

    • Put it this way. There's a lot more profit margin in this, than in the $20-50 market. All those other products support a viable business, and it's not as though there is extra cost in this that is 10x+ the cost of the others.

      Dyson's latest $1.1bn GBP pound profit - after all his other investments, grants and research - doesn't come from nowhere.

  • its really good,used it and loved it

  • Aves video on it is always amusing, couldn't find a major difference between it and the wifes fan in the bathroom. His takeaway was the Dyson fan driving the air out was kinda tiny in the handle, but for $500 its gotta be good/better or else you'd be an idiot for spending that much money


  • Dyson are really trying get the most out of this old product. Its old now and they keep making "Limited Edition" models with different colours and accessories.

    10 years later, they might still be selling the supersonic?

  • I wonder OP doesn't like comments against his/her deal?

  • I’m waiting for it reducing to $399.