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4x 36pk Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Dishwashing Tabs $44.16 Delivered @ Sonalestore eBay


Ongoing promotion with some great prices. Grab a bargain on these products and save.

Buy 4 x 36 pk of Finish powerball Quantum at $44.16. Simply add it to your cart to avail the discount. eBayPlus members enjoys additional discount of 5%, buy it at $41.95 with ongoing promotion PLUSLC5

There are some more ongoing promotions with great bargain such as
* 4 x 53 Finish powerball all in 1 max
* 4 x 36 Finish powerball quantum

Product Details:

  • Fragrance: Lemon
  • World's #1 Recommended Brand* (*Recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide)
  • 12x power actions for a powerful clean and shine. The Powerball supercharges the tablet to cut through even the toughest grease for a deep clean

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  • Showing $48 for me… lemon. Ones linked in the main URL

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      Yep $48 for me too until you add it to your cart

      • Just add it to your cart and discount should be applied.

      • Thanks

  • Must stop buying tablets, think I have 400 from too many deals

  • Can someone please tell me what's the difference between this blue package and the purple, and the black ones? They are all saying "Ultimate" tabs..

  • 29 cents each for ebay plus members.

    Not bad.

  • Are these good ?

  • Bought these end of Nov in BigW.. It was $10 for 36 tablets (same bag as this deal). Bought 8 packs but only received 4 after they said they ran out of stock and refunded me.

  • Never buying tablets/pouches for my dishwasher again, cheap powder all the way…

    TLDR; Tablets only go in the main wash in dishwashers, pre-wash (the smaller compartment in your dishwater power drawer that you never put anything into) doesnt get anything so your dishwasher just sprays water on your dishes rather than pre-washing with some detergent. Your dishes may not come out as clean unless you rinse your dishes first before placing them in the dishwasher.

    Bonus: If your dishwasher doesn't have a water heater in it and you don't have instant hot water (e.g. hot water cylinder), run the kitchen tap on until the water gets hot, ensures your dishwasher doesn't wash with partially cold water which gives you a better clean!

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      and just to prove that for everything you read on the internet, there is an opposite:

      TLDR - don't pre-rinse if you have a sensor enabled dishwasher.

      • Opposite? That's what im saying.
        You shouldn't need to pre-rinse your dishes before popping them in a dishwasher. The dishwasher does it for you, provided you put dishwasher powder in the pre-wash drawer.

        • you said

          Your dishes may not come out as clean unless you rinse your dishes first before placing them in the dishwasher

          which I took to mean - rinse them before putting in the dishwasher..?

          (I'm not talking about the "prewash" program)

          • @walaj: Sorry I should have been a bit more specific. I meant, if you don't put powder in the pre-wash area in your detergent drawer in your dishwasher, you may need to pre-rinse/scrape the stuff into the trash extremely well.

            I highly recommend watching that video.

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      Why don't you use both a tablet and a bit of powder if you think the performance is lacking?

      99% if my dishes come out perfect with only a Quantum tablet.

      • Sure, you could do that if you like?

    • This isn't making sense to me. Multiple dishwashers I've had have one little closable area for the dishwasher tablet (or I assume then powder?) and a spot to put in Rinse Aid. There is no other "pre rinse" draw or area I can find to put powder or anything in.

      Guidance from dishwasher manufacturers doesn't match with what you are saying at all either, no mention ever anywhere about putting in anything for pre rinse?

      • This is entirely dependent on your dishwasher.

        I have had a Miele dishwasher in the past that only has one compartment and no pre-wash functionality. Ideal for tablets or powder.

        Currently I have a Fisher & Paykal dish drawer and that has two sections, one for pre-wash and one for the main wash (which funnily enough, has two prongs in it to prevent you from putting a tablet in).

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    Thanks OP. Purchase done! Perfect timing as I am about to run out.

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    $29 on groupon

    • Is it Quantum? link please.

      • Make sure if it's still cheaper after adding the delivery :)

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          That will be $39.9($9.95 for shipping).

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            @newsanzang: 10% off for new sign up or check out as a guest, code: BRANDNEW

            • @jimojr: Why is the Groupon deal showing a picture of "Quantum Ultimate" but the description says "Quantum Max"?

              I have a feeling these are the cheaper "Max" tablets not the Ultimate

    • cheers

    • Picture says ultimate, description says max.

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    LOL doesn't post to Tasmania? Alrighty then.

    • Right? What's with that…

  • shows up at $48

    ~45 with 5%

    • -1

      yes seller raised the price so expired

      • Wrong.
        Add to cart

    • go to cart, the 8% comes off and will show as $44.16

      • all good the groupon link works out much better

        • beware the Groupon shows a picture of the "Ultimate" tablets but the description clearly mentions "Max" which are the cheaper tablets. Nowhere in the description does it say "ultimate"

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    Stacks with code PLUSLC5 for ebay plus members so was $41.95 for me!

  • Thanks!
    As posted by others, if you're an ebay plus member use PLUSLC5, price drops down to $41.95.

  • $0.306 each here ($44.16 for 144)
    $0.279 each on catch ($67 for 240 with free shipping)

    Edit: Deal is for Quantum Ultimate, catch is selling Quantum max. No idea what the difference is.

    • The Quantum Ultimate has 12 power actions and the Quantum Max has 14 power actions.

  • If the Classic Powerball cleans my dishes tell me again please why I'd want to but these for THREE times the price .. :-( .. ??!!

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