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10pcs Xiaomi Mijia Super Durable Writing Sign Pen, A$11/US$9 Delivered @GearBest

AEDT Time Item Deal Price(USD) GST-inclusive Price(AUD) Code
2021/01/07 120 inch 16: 9 High Brightness Projector Screen 38.99 57.90 GB120MUP
2021/01/07 D19 Smart Watch Women Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Men Bluetooth Smartwatch Wristband Fitness Tracker - Black 9.99 14.84
2021/01/07 NOVA3D Bene4 4.3 inch Full-color Touch 130 x 70 x 150mm High-precision High-quality 8G Large Storage LCD Light Curing 3D Printer 279.99 415.79
2021/01/07 C100 Universal Car Display HUD Head-up Leader Display 19.99 29.69
2021/01/07 Indoor 1500 Miles Digital TV Antenna Enhanced HD 4K DVB-T2 FreeView ISDB-TB Local Channel Broadcast - Black 7.99 11.87
GST Free Product
2021/01/07 Cinepeer C11 3-axis Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer Dolly Zoom Panorama Powered by ZHIYUN 52.99 71.54 V5D823B915153000
2021/01/07 10pcs Xiaomi Mijia Super Durable Colorful Writing Sign Pen 5 Colors Mi Pen 0.5mm Gel pen Signing Pens For School Office Drawing 5.99 8.09 V5D937B1FED53001
2021/01/07 CREALITY 3D Ender-3 PRO Printer -Australia warehouse 180 243.00 U5DA8DF8F4953001
2021/01/07 Lenovo 64g Memory Card Class10 High Speed Micro SD Card 64g Mobile Phone TF Memory 32g New Performance Monitoring High Speed Mobile Memory Card 8.99 12.14 K5D7F9D70D112000
2021/01/07 OLAF 5V 2.4A USB Type C Micro IOS 90 Degree Fast Charging Usb Cable Cord For Samsung Xiaomi iphone 0.99 1.34
2021/01/07 DUKA Multifunctional Electric Ruler 99M 8 Functions Length Measurement Volume Measure Distance Meter - China 14.99 20.24 D5D93719E7D53000
2021/01/07 Huanxing HN1 Electric Mini Nose trimmers Portable Ear Nose Hair Shaver 12.99 17.54 X5D9380971153000
2021/01/07 13.5 inch Xiaomi Mijia LCD Writing Tablet with Pen Digital Drawing Electronic Handwriting Pad Graphics Board 24.99 33.74 C5D9458CC2512001

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  • How accurate is the blood pressure monitor?

    • +1

      I wouldn't rely on it for anyone who has cardiac medical history. Inflatable cuff + stethoscope is the best, or inflatable cuff + electronic monitor otherwise. Smartwatches use the shape of the waveform produced by the arterial pulse to estimate blood pressure, they need to be calibrated regularly too so you'd need access to the proper gear either way. According to one of my patients, community pharmacists will check blood pressure for you for free on a walk-in basis

      • Wow. I wasn't sure that was even possible to measure the blood pressure with a simple watch. Cheers.

      • The pharmacy information is useful! Thanks

  • +3

    The gold one writes really well. Haven't seen them on special for quite some time now. Any chance of a deal rep?

  • Cheers got the pens

  • the writing tablet is very interesting, but why button battery? lost me at that…. :D

    • Pressing the button 'resets' the page. Needs a button battery for the power. I have this and it's great

      • I mean…why not rechargeable batt?

        • AA / AAA not thin enough.
          The tablet is pretty thin.
          The battery lasts for the whole year. Perhaps not worth putting a rechargeable battery in there, to charge once-a-yr.

          • @dangerdanger: thanks! was about to pull the trigger from your comments, but then they charge $5 delivery….sux

  • How do you enter the voucher code?

  • Are these better than the white ones? Bought a few in the past, but weren't smooth.

  • +1

    I tried the voucher for the Creatily 3D printer and it did not work. Get the error "Sorry, this promotion code does not exist." could this one be double checked?

    • +2

      Hi,I'm sorry for the mistake.Try this coupon code"U5DA8DF8F4953001".

      • +1

        Thank you, that worked!

      • This has expired :(

  • has anyone used the nose trimmer before?

    • Yep I have one, it's decent

  • is it free shipping? I can't find any option for it.

  • i can't see how you get these prices. I see about $16 USD for the nose trimmer after the code.

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