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Men's Shirts from $29.95 + $20 Delivery @ TM Lewin


Great quality shirts at excellent price.
Returns up to 90 days.
Most shirts 100% cotton.

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  • Ouch at the new shipping costs which really kills the deal… they've removed the free shipping over $150 too. :\

  • $20 delivery? I know the shirts are delivered from their UK warehouse instead of local so that might explain the increase. You can just go into the store and buy them there if you're able to do so.

  • havent received the shirts that I ordered in Nov, unacceptable

    • Same with me, I highly urge people not to order from them. Their customer support also never replied to me as well.

  • These cucks have not delivered my early 2019 order and do not respond to my countless emails on the subject. Good luck contacting them should anything go wrong these days…

    • Wowww that is really wrong. Something must've happen in transit. I ordered mine right when Covid hit and there was quite a long delay but I got mine eventually.

  • Placed an order in October.

    Wrote them an email in November asking for an update or shipping info. It took them 5 weeks to tell me that it hasn't been dispatched and they are unable to tell me when it might be dispatched due to an 'IT' issue.

    Requested a refund on the 2nd of January and haven't had any response since.

    What really annoys me is that while they are unable to tell me when they might possibly dispatch my 2 month old order - they have still sent me 2 dozen promo emails.

    The Australian business went belly up recently - hence the closure of all the stores. It makes me really sceptical of the rest of the business when they aren't sending out orders and still trying to generate new orders.

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    Welp, according to the comments TM Lewis is crap now and heaps of peeps are left without their stuff, I say ban even the mention of them.

  • The shirts I like (Non-Iron Twill in pastel shades) are excluded from the sale.

    So sad. :'-(

  • Never delivered my order since October. Don't waste your time.

    No response and no customer service. They have just hung on to the funds.

    Save yourself the headache. DO NOT BUY.

  • Sorry peeps, I've always had good experiences with TM Lewin, and the quality of their shirts are great.

  • Wow This sounds awful, what happened to them. I used to only hear good things about them years back.

    • TM Lewin was under administration and restructured the business around mid last year as the business was severely impacted when COVID struck. More info is available here https://www.smartcompany.com.au/coronavirus/t-m-lewin-austra... They closed all Australian stores and are just online now in Australia serviced by England.

      It sounds like they were in trouble before COVID and some bad reviews were being seen. This is a shame as TM Lewin was very good and my preferred Jermyn Street retailer, and also one of the originals. I saw the Jermyn Street London store in 2019, but thought the Australian Sydney store was a nicer shop.

      I knew the Sydney staff, many were from Rhodes and Beckett and they used to do a lot of business. Cant remember the number they were selling, but it was a good business.

      • Thats such a shame, Everyone used to mention how good their shirts were and I think i even got some a long long time ago from london. Always planned on getting in on their sales from ozbargain last few years but never got around to it.

        • I was always waiting until I slimmed down to buy my business shirts… Now that I finally have, they're no good - guess I'll have to wait for the next Charles Tyrwhitt instead :/

  • Wow, I haven't needed to buy from them in a while, as I had stocked up back in 2018.

    It's sad what they have become, based on the comments here. Their '5 shirts for $149' deals (including non-iron) used to be an Ozbargain favourite back in the day.

  • Sale has now been extended to a larger range.


    The non-iron shirts usually sold for $75, are now available for $42.5 each.

  • Wow the Trustpilot reviews and ProductReviews of TM Lewis are abysmal.. shockingly bad. I don't think I've recently seen a company more hated on this badly.. nearly all of the recent reviews say they haven't received any product or updates and the one or two that did receive their order received it after 3-4 months.

    They've taken Paypal away as an option which is concerning, I suppose they must have had so many refund requests from non-arriving orders.

    I bought a suit jacket earlier without fully checking the reviews, and they shipped it without any form of tracking at all which is super strange. I'm not holding my breath to see if my order comes in.

    Seems super dodgy, nearly to the point of a scam company. https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/t-m-lewin https://au.trustpilot.com/review/www.tmlewin.co.uk

  • Saw the negative comments but I've had a positive experience with them in the past. I thought worse come to worse, I can always do a chargeback on my credit card. Ordered 5 non-iron shirts last Monday and they arrived today.