Is My Quote Excessive for Termite Pest Control in Sydney?

I got termites at my place and received quotes as follow:

for a property of 550m2, 75m lineal

Exterrra system:
-Installing price: $5500-$6000
-yearly price after: $1000-$1300

I am unfamiliar with it but the price seems excessive or is it just me?

for more info:

it's a bait system apparently they 'have to' dig into the concrete slab to install 25 of 30-35 of bait station

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    Obtain 2 more quotes for comparison.

  • Not sure on the Sydney market for this but for me it was $2k for installation in Perth with a further cost of $200-$300 annually

    On that basis i reckon get some more quotes.

  • What are you getting done specifically?

    • the guy stated was for digging and installing 30-35 of this:

      and maintenance for 1 year

      • Research BASF Termidor. When I had termites I came to the conclusion that this was the only acceptable product because I wanted the termites dead. For a small house about 150m2 they charged $3k. How Termidor works is they inject a chemical into the ground around the whole house and sometimes under the slab by drilling holes. This chemical sits there for 10years. any termite that goes through to your house gets infected by touching the chemical, they then take this chemical infection back to the nest and it infects all other termites and the entire nest dies.

  • I got termites at my place

    The issue is you already have the problem…Not just prevention ..

    How much damage? have you had a building inspection? I dont think insurance covers termite damage ?

    • I had the building inspected cost $250 [but if the online forums speak true they are not that reliable anyway],

      according to the inspection report, only 1 wall side to waist height was affected.

      insurance do not cover

      • Did the first pest inspection actually indicate active termites or just previous damage? How long ago was the initial inspection (was it pre purchase inspection?)

        The pest inspector may cover the cost of treatment if pressed. Ours did many years ago on our first home when termites were found within a year or moving in after a clear inspection.

        • Active termites, I saw them, cause short circuit that's why I discovered them actually.
          Inspection was done a few days ago

  • I would get a few different quotes.

    So let me ask you a few questions.
    What will be installed are Termite Bait stations?
    They will be placed in the ground. How many are going inside, how many outside?

    Are they doing any treatment, i.e. flooding a Termite chemical onto the perimeter of the building as a barrier protection.

    I have a Termite license and you are mostly paying for knowledge.

    Unfortunately, Termite bait stations are not as amazing as the info videos will show. There have been worldwide tests where they have taken the best softwood and placed it right next to a termite colony (50cm of separation) . Then, they have taken a wood not preferred, 5 metres away and they have gone for the further away area.

    Termites are effectively blind. They want moisture and wood. They work 24/7 and follow the road of least resistance. In other words they might come into your house via a pipe underground, along the top. If a termite bait isn't by that, then you may have no luck in getting them.

    Have you read the quote. Have you read the limitations? They will be extensive.
    Termites are expensive pests for sure.

    The baiting costs are low, the labour is low for the install, and the chemical is low. Of course they need to make money, but I am surprised at this cost for the install.

    How often do they service the baits?
    Why is the quote not an exact number?

    • yes they said bait station, exterra brand

      about 4-6 inside, 28-30 outside
      they did said they 'have to' dig into the concrete slab to install 25 of 30-35 of bait station because "it has to be close to the building"

      I have read the limitation but I assume almost every pest control guy out there is going to have all of them?

      bait service every 3 months

      it's 2 quotes

      • Do you have any trees in your property?

        Have a thorough Termite Inspection done. Use moisture meter, tapping test, infrared and possibly vibration testing. A trained dog could be an option too. That inspection would be pricy.
        See what DIY baits you could use yourself and get the difficult ones, with concrete in the area, done professionally.

        Ask for any trees to have the base slightly trenched and treated with TermidorHE, or Termidor.

        • I have a few trees and the report said that the telephone/electricity pole in front seem to be affected by termites

          I had an inspection done a few days ago from Jim's pest control [$250], but judging from the quoted price I am not sure if I should trust it. it said only a wall was affected so far

          thanks for the advice, much appreciated

  • I've used and recommended to many

  • That's not a genuine quote. It's too high. Should be between 2 to 3k. Cheers

  • Buy a respirator and a few hundred in bug bombs. Follow the instructions, which are basically:

    Turn off all circuit breakers. Disconnect all smoke alarms (remove from mains and any batteries). Wear a respirator when initiating. Use the recommended space (1 per 4 square metres). Place cans in ceiling and under house. Leave the gas sealed in the house for the recommended time (2-4 hours). Vent the house for at least another hour before entering.

    For a medium sized, single story house I used 12 (one a room and a few in ceiling and under floor) and it kept the buggers out for 8 months.

    Ant sand can work great if you follow the instructions and create a metre plus perimetre around your house.

    • Lol. You probably clear your own asbestos too

    • Ant sand can work great if you follow the instructions

      Ant sand barely kills off some of the ant nests on my property. I doubt it will stop termites.

      • As a perimeter barrier. If they are in your house a barrier won't do diddly squat.

        • No, it will work, in theory. If it has Fipronil in it then the poison will transfer between the Termites. If they are in the house they will have access via mud trails, to the outside. So the termites would pass through the sand and the inside termites would die.

          They need 2 things. Wood and moisture.

  • Fipforce Aqua termiticide

  • Hey have a look at a a product called termigold. It's a DIY termite bait station install. It's not as hard or complicated as you'd think and you'll save a ton by doing it yourself.