Fair Price for Rift CV1 and Accessories?


I'd like to see what you think a fair price would be for an Oculus Rift CV1 and accessories? It would be…
3 Sensors
2 Touch controllers
Oculus remote
2 x 5m extension cables for the sensors.
Unused roof pulley kit for the headset, plus extension USB and HDMI for the headset.



  • -1

    Given how cheap the superior Quest 2 is ($440), you're not going to get too much sorry.

    I'd say ~$150.

    • Quest 2 has terrible audio though, I've never seen a CV1 go anywhere near that low before

      • Perhaps, but people don't use VR for the audio! lol

  • I love my CV1, in some ways more than my Quest. Monetary wise however, you'll probably get no more than $200-300 as the Rift S and Quest have seen such steep discounts, making the older product quite a bit more difficult to sell.

  • As said above, around $250 seems to be the price at the moment, with all that extra kit you may be looking at $300

    I sold my CV1 this year for $500, but that was because of the shortage earlier on in the year.

    Keep in mind that not every VR headset is an upgrade if that's what you're looking for. The CV1 still has hands down the best audio from any VR device, the headphones could cost $100-$200 on their own, and a lot of new headsets use a lower refresh rate with LCD panels instead of OLED