Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game (PC / XBOX ONE / PS4 / STADIA / SWITCH)

finally its getting a physical release !!

Not sure if it will be limited on all platforms but I think it will be for the Switch.

You can pre order from the 14th of Jan from what I have read.!



    Awwww man, I so want that collector's edition!


      Not sure if we will get that version in Australia.


    Finally getting a physical release… for an 11 year old game that doesn't really do anything remarkable?

    Not sure why this is exciting in any way to be honest…


      It was delisted for a very long time, due to music licenses I believe.


    Is there an actual release date?

    I hope we get a physical release for AU/EU.

    It's a pre-order for a physical one at Limited Run Games and next thing you know the publishers strike a deal for a physical release for the EU market e.g Streets of Rage 4. :(

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      Yeah it will be.

      details will be available on the 14th of Jan. I dare say it will be limited release too so grab it before they stop producing them.!


        Digital edition will be available on 14th Jan.

        According to LRG site: This is an open pre-order for a limited time.PREORDERS CLOSE ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH 2021 AT 11:59PM EASTERN TIME

        Looking at older products on the LRG site it says (for GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES), "This item is currently in manufacturing and artwork is subject to change. This product is not expected to ship until 2-3 months after the date of the initial sale."

        I'm not too keen on waiting three months or more (including shipping time).

        Plenty of time to wait and see what will happen if a physical version is released for EU.


    Anyone seen a price for this yet? Or do we need to wait for it to release?

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      It will be around the $35 US mark so i am guesstimating around $50 give or take AU.

      But these will go like hot cakes as from what i understand it will be a limited amount of released.


        Thanks for that. Any idea on the digital version?

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          Dont think it will be much difference on launch with the physical.

          If you are after digital and not in a rush just wait for an E Shop sale and also pre purchase Nintendo E shop cards on special for extra discount.

          I have stocked up some eshop gift cards from a sale at coles for 15% not long ago.

          so overall you can get some savings if you're patient and wanting digital only.

          But my recommendation is to get the physical as it will hold value if you want to resell it later on.


            @SpeedRunnerLink: LRG titles do hold their value, but it depends on the title.

            I'm just wary of other arrangements Ubisoft "may" have with other regions (EU/Asia/Japan) if they do decide to release a physical version in other regions.

            For example: Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection - physcial for PS4 and Swich only available via LRG for the US, but was eventually released for EU, Asia and Japan.

            If you decide to get it from LRG, (I think) it's a special order where they have to make the discs, once they have their numbers after the pre-order date closes (I think this is their business process).

            I can't seem to read/find that Scott Pilgrim is limited to a certain number of copies for sale (I hope not!).

            EDIT: With Covid restricting movement of planes, etc here's what LRG says about PS4 for Scott Pilgrim: "Products are typically not expected to ship until 4-5 months after the preorder window closes" and that's not including shipping time to us here in Australia. :(

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              @Donatello: We will find out on the 14th, Im not too desperate for the limited editions.

              Happy with just the case and game.


                @SpeedRunnerLink: Same.

                Like I said, I'm very wary.

                If I'm Ubisoft, I would be thinking, "Why do we have an exclusive agreement with LRG and just selling physical copies through them in the USA? We can make more money if we release physical copies in other regions as well!"

                Also, (for me) I don't buy into LRG's saying that items are "sold out". It just means pre-order window is closed, you've paid us, we have our orders and this is how many we will make. The only exception when it is "sold out" is when it is limited to a certain number for sale.



          Digital version drops on 14.01.2021 according to Nintendo website.


    Just over a day until pre orders are accepted.


      Just placed my order.

      hopefully the turn around time will be quicker than the previous several months


        4-5 months plus shipping is a long wait. Looking at August at the earliest. :(

        On their product page it says:

        "Best Buy may be receiving a very small number of copies of this game with alternate cover art. Best Buy has the ability to not move forward with their order, as it has not been finalized yet. Wait at your own risk."

        "Wait at your own risk" meaning "You better buy from us!"

        Do you plan on buying the digital version as well?


          Yeah im getting a digital copy to ( have stocked up on e shop cards on discount). Hopefully there might be an e shop sale for it soon. No rush playing it as i have enough games to keep me occurred. Will look forward to the online multiplayer though.

          The physical will be going into my personal collection and wont be opened.

          these will no doubt go up in value.

          I purchased the Celeste foil cover version a while back and its now quadrupled in price.

          Have you ordered your copy yet?