Have you moved to online supermarket shopping?

There’s been a lot of incentives provided lately by the major supermarkets (Coles and Woolies) to move consumers to online shopping eg through reward points or Flybuys points and free trial home deliveries. The pandemic lockdown have made it difficult to shop in-store in many instances.

I understand some people love it because they are time poor or have better use for their time. Fortunately I don't have that constraint.

Personally, I have not moved to online purchasing for food and don’t see it happening anytime soon. I do enjoy online purchasing for other categories.

My reasons are:

  1. I prefer to do multiple small shops a week for perishables like fruit, vegetable, meat, bread, eggs and milk so that I have the freshest possible product. I often defer my purchase if these products don’t look fresh enough.
  2. I want to pick the freshest, best looking perishable items eg fruit that are not bruised. I look for items such as apples that are heavier to ensure juciness. I don’t mind the imperfect fruit and vegs if they are only misshaped. I don’t squeeze tomatoes or avocados!
  3. Where possible, I look for items with the longest Use By or Best By dates.
  4. Even for canned or other packaged goods, I want to make sure the packaging is not dented or crushed.
  5. I love looking for new products.
  6. Finding an unadvertised special or clearance item is an unexpected delight

So my question is: have you moved to online shopping for all or most of your grocery shopping? What has your experience been like?

PS: A poll may be useful but I'm not smart enough to set one up!


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    always scanning the shelves for those unintended bargains

  • I hate online shopping.

    1. Supermarket people give you the worst looking almost expired stuff.
    2. Stuff goes out of stock easily. Good luck trying cashback or similar.
    3. They charge more online and top it off with a delivery fee.
    • Supermarket people give you the worst looking almost expired stuff.

      I'm sure they don't do it on purpose. Most staff wouldn't care or even wouldn't know what fresh looks like.

      • Amazing how I go to store and see lots of fresh stuff and couple bad stuff. Why give me the bad stuff?

  • Regarding point 3 directly above by 'Orangetrain', this isn't the case with Woolworths and I'm pretty sure Coles - same prices online vs in-store. Also click and collect is an option if you don't want to pay for delivery

    • Woolies 100% same prices online as in store.

      Coles, not so much, unless they’ve changed their policies since I last checked (about a year ago?).

  • Only use it when there's a massive saving to be made (only once).

  • No, I mostly shop at local green grocer which is way cheaper and has more variety. In some weeks, I only spend few bucks in Coles just to buy cheap milk, canned fish etc. So, there is no point of hassle to do even a click and collect.

    • Same here. Aldi for basics, local green grocer for fruit, veg, and free-range eggs, and Coles for the few brand names we like.

      I was housebound a few years ago, and found online shopping helpful. Most things were in stock, and the substitutes were of similar or better quality.

      If Aldi offered online delivery or click and collect, I'd jump at it.

  • It may be more location-specific than anything else.

    I live a 5 minute walk from supermarket… it's a lot easier to just walk over and pick something up then worry about online shopping. If it was a 15 minute drive though… that would be a pretty good reason to organise it.

  • As long as they have minimum spends and "packing fees", the OzBargain in me will always force me to go shop in-store.

  • have you moved to online shopping for all or most of your grocery shopping? What has your experience been like?

    No. I/we still enjoy going out to buy groceries like normal people. The last thing we need is for society to turn into a bunch of hermits.

  • Online supermarket shoppers (delivery option) also miss out on physical activity which can be a big long term health cost (if they don't replace it with something else).

  • I do both about 50-50.

    On weight variable product, when buying via online, you either get more at no extra cost, or they refund you the difference. Also if they substitute your items for more expense product, you don't pay for difference. E.g. they are out of free range large eggs , they replace it free range Jumbo eggs.

    I do click and collect and pack myself. No need to worry about not bringing enough bags in store. Also, no need to bring a coin/device to get a trolley. Best part is not having someone with kids queuing beside me. No personal space and let alone 1.5m.

    I go in store during quieter hours and if I'm getting only a handful of items. on the occasion check other item on special that's not advertised / posted on ozbargain.

  • You can't buy clearance items online , what you doing in Ozb? Return your licence. 🙄

  • I moved to online for groceries after Covid. Woolies/Coles jacked up delivery fees so I have ended up doing basic grocery stuff through Coles on eBay which has free delivery for $49 and discount of 10-20%. Fresh stuff I get from HFM with free delivery for $80, need to shop specials and imperfect picks but quality generally pretty good. i have been doing a bit more in person lately over holiday and will probably end up with a mix. Always did in person before. Big advantage of online is no more impulse buys ;)

  • I click and collect most of the shelf and freezer items, heaps easier than wrangling a toddler thru the shops. They're building a new Coles where I'm building a house which will have an online fulfilment centre and be heavily focused on drive thru click and collect so seems to be the way of the future.

    Fruit & veg and meat I prefer to pick myself

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    We do both. Grocery shopping is just not a very pleasant activity and time could be better spent, so we only go in for fresh foods, in and out like ninjas.

  • I hate going to the store to shop. I do as much of my shopping on Amazon as I can. When I was back in the UK I would do all my shopping online, the little trucks would come and drop it off.

  • I've changed to online order & pickup of dry goods & some dairy, but then I go in & choose my own meats & vegetables at the same time (or get them from the market). Good compromise for me. Works well & saves me some time.

  • I click and collect a Woolworths order once a week. Just pantry, household, packaged type items. Then buy fresh fruit and veg from a green grocer, meat from a butcher, fish from a fish market etc.

  • I did use online supermarket shopping when we had to stay home due to covid and I found it great. Yes you pay for the delivery but I picked my time to get the cheapest delivery cost which I think from memory was $8 and I shopped enough groceries to last a month. I froze a lot of fresh stuff and didn't find the stuff I ordered were close to end date. I prefer shopping in store because I like going to different stores for what I need etc but I was really happy with home delivery at the time. I used both Coles and Woolies home delivery depending on what I needed. I also used Harris markets for delivery at the time. PS I do regularly shop for other things online that I find hard to get in stores.

  • First time I tried Woolies on-line shopping I had chicken pox, driver knocked on the door, I said I have chicken pox and just leave it outside and I will bring it in. He then said I need to sign and I said again I have chicken pox, just write on the form customer has chicken pox. He insisted I sign so I stepped to the window next to the door as he couldn't see me through the screen door properly and he couldn't get away fast enough!
    Tried again last year and the produce and dairy were probably the worst they could have picked, short expiry date. Pasta salad I bought in-store a week before, the expiry date was after the one they sent me.
    Tried to get alcohol, couldn't get that delivered until after 9:00, tried to get bread from the bakery, couldn't that delivered until after 3:00, and then they said it was out of stock!
    Will probably not do it again, unless it is just for pantry or general household stuff.

  • We have tried, but similar to above, short expiry on milk etc and substitutes for specials that they didn’t inform us about.
    If they have an offer that coincides with a special on canned or dried we may use them, but otherwise no.
    Wife uses some sort of fuzzy logic system to shop anyway, integrating flybuys, woolies card, specials and calculating as she goes etc that always has us with groceries, but often coming home with 30 cans of mixed beans or similar. We must be close to the top one percent for flybuys points. I just follow with the trolley and do what I’m told….😎
    Not sure online will ever compete with her in any real way.

    • I like your wife and I like a husband who knows how to behave. But her system is not fuzzy, I use the same one. Do not be salty just because you cannot understand it :)

  • Only when they offer me free delivery and extra points

  • I used online ordering for the second time in my life due to the current lockdown (first because I was crippled). I ordered over $150 (reduced delivery by $10) plus I had a $10 discount for online orders so instead of paying $19 for delivery, I paid -$1.

    Pretty sweet deal, but my rewards bonuses are going to be woeful for months now.

  • We normally get delivery from Coles, but sometimes Click and Collect.
    However normally with fruit, veges & milk we shop local and support the smaller businesses.