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Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones US$87.76 (~A$114.89) Delivered @ ANKER via AliExpress


Appears to be a pretty good price for these headphones for us down under. Amazon sells these for $140. Did some research and found these to be really good ANC headphones at a fraction of the price compared to notable headphones such as the Sony XM4 and the Bose QC35ii/700. Reviews suggest that they have really good ANC, about 80% as good as the XM4s, similar in blocking low noise but not as good in the highs. Rated 60 hours of battery life without ANC and 40 hours with ANC on which is far superior than anything on the market. Reviews on YouTube have been promising. Here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymJQmO77_1Y

An important factor for me when looking for headphones is in the "heatup of the ear" department, the Sony XM4s get pretty warm to my ears after only a short time of listening (20 mins). The Bose QC 35ii do a better job with this and heats up around 30 mins, and the best performing as far as ANC headphones go is the AirPods Max (I've yet to experience ear fatigue). Can only tell how these Q30s will do once I receive them.

Edit: Additional sale at $93.87 (ex GST) tomorrow. I purchased these a few days back for $102 delivered from AliExpress.

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  • purchased these a few days back for $102 delivered from AliExpress.

    Still exist? Haven't arrived yet I assume?

    • I think they were cheaper a few days back, and possibly price went up a little. appears they are putting up another sale in a days time for the price of $93.87 (ex GST). have yet to receive them, estimated delivery is 1st Feb.

  • That link review only say little about anker

  • Apparently there is an additional sale at $93.87 (ex GST) with some coupons possibly but I couldn't find how to apply it

    Starts in 1 day & 4 hours according to the banner ad.

  • I could've sworn I saw them at Aliexpress for $60 delivered a month back.

    Edit - must have been the Q20

  • The lack of codec support might be a problem. Last I checked, the standard SBC coding Bluetooth uses isn't very high fidelity - so even if these are the world's best headphones, the fact that the signal they're getting is garbage is going to limit them.

    If they had APTX I'd be right on to them.

    • APTX is a proprietary codec. Even the Sony XM4s don't use it.
      There seems to be a real lack of decent codecs that take advantage of the extra bandwidth that Bluetooth 5 offers.
      If you're just listening, it's all fine, but to make calls / use zoom etc - even the top end seem to be problematic.

      • True. Qualcomm chippies have aptx though , been using edifier In ear TWS for last few years.

        That being said, edifier over ear ANC Headphones don't look that compelling, so these Soundcore and possibly Taotronics look like some good options?

  • Regarding the brand which I had never heard of prior, I got some “cheap” Soundcore wireless sport earbuds thinking they would fill a gap while I waited for a good deal on more premium and was very surprised by them. Almost 2 years now and my sennheiser and Sony sports buds (purchased in whims due to heavy discounts) have been living in the drawer while they are used 4-5 times a week.

  • Got these for $99 inc delivery last week. No way I’d be paying this price and if they’re not comfortable then I’ll probably just sell them locally because sending them back to China is just a waste of time.

  • I have one of the Anker soundcore flare 2 bt speakers and it’s absolutely brilliant. Hope these are too

  • three months to deliver?
    edit: oh do they use American date system? February then if so.

  • Totally agree with you re the "heat up the ears" thing. I used to have a pair of the Sony's but they were unbearable so I bought the QC35's instead and they are much better in my ears. Albeit NC on the Sony's is so much more superior.

  • are those better than Taotronics?