Telstra Lite 2 Unlock Code

Thanks for any help/ advice in advance..

Has anyone had any luck unlocking the Telstra Lite 2 (ZTE Z2315T). Telsta chat has stated they don't have an unlock code as yet for this model ..
Am wanting to use on the Belong network..


  • Phone Telstra at night and get transferred to some whoop-whoop phone centre and you might get better results. I use Belong too, but you can use Boost with a Telstra locked phone. It's the only Telstra clone that's accepted.

  • Have found it next to impossible to speak to anyone at Telstra that isn't a Robot for at least 8 months..
    Can only assume Mumbai has been hit hard by Covid..

    • I've had success with the chat function, which is now built into the My Telstra app. And even more success with the Silver membership support. Way more helpful than even going into a Telstra Store. I wonder what the Gold support is like, I'm only a few dollars a month away from it.

  • It took me over 2 months but I finally got a code for this phone. But it doesn't work. :(
    I've given up because a Telstra employee revealed that the problem was ZTE not working with Telstra.

  • ZTE not working with Telstra??..
    They obviously have a commercial agreement to build /lockwood the phone to a Telstra network..
    That makes no sense..🤷‍♂️

  • Telstra has finally provided unlocking code to unlock this handset no cost involved..

    • How long have you owned the phone for?

    • How did you get it? Via chat?

    • Can you please share the unlocking code not sure if applicable for all ZTE Z2315T or how much I can pay for it? Thanks.

  • Phone is new never connected to a network..
    Wanted to be able to use on the Belong network..

  • Should i connect and load sim and wait for the 2 yr period or can just call telstra after 2 yrs?

  • Speak to Telstra Via chat,,
    Tell them the phone is more than two years old and you want to use it on the Belong network..
    They will come back with an unlocking code..


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