What to Buy Online for $0.44

I have an virtual visa card that has 43c left on it, wondering what to buy with it, I have access to Amazon prime and eBay plus, cheers

TL;DR what to buy for 43c got eBay plus and prime


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    I'd just throw it in the bin.

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    This was unexpected (search results)

    Here's an existing thread to convert it into cash!

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    I wasted 44c of energy just clicking on this post.

  • Cheap trinket, happy meal toy, trading card?
    Maybe start typing in things you like into eBay and sorting by cheapest, you mind find something interesting.

  • I tried to find something from Aliexpress, eBay and Prime. The lowest price for anything is around $1.
    Then I thought how about donating it - but most places have a min. donation amount of $2-5. Red Cross doesn't even accept decimals.

    You're better off finding a song/app/movie that's under $0.44.

    • Red Cross must not have seen Office Space.

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    You clearly don't have a lot of sense.

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    Can you put the 43 cents towards your bills if you have nothing to buy? Some companies will let you pay whatever amount whenever as long as you have the account number e.g. Origin and AGL

    • EA too, minimum is 10c.

  • Use it for free trials

    • Agree, most places take $0.01, some $1.00, but this is exactly what I do

    • yup I alwasy spend my prepaid card to a little bit over $1 and keep for these purpose

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    What to Buy Online for $0.44
    has 43c left on it
    what to buy for 43c

    Is it $0.44 or $0.43 ? did OP just skim 1c?

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      Na probably has a second card with 1c on it, just didnt want us to ask why.

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    List something on ebay for $0.44 cents, buy it.

  • troll posts are getting more and more advanced here. not sure if srs

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    Go to Bunnings or Kmart or somewhere else and split the bill, put the 43c through first then pay the remaining with another card.

    • It is a virtual card, not a physical card.

      • Get the attendant to type in the card manually then for 43c

  • Not even worth my time fiddling around with 43 cents left on a card

    • You must be fun at parties

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        People who say this must go to parties

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