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Supercoat Adult Dog Food 7.5kg, 3 for $58.50 @ Woolworths (Online Only)


When you need dog food you need dog food. Pretty cheap at Woolies at the moment $19.50 per bag when you buy 3. Yes it may be a few cents/kg cheaper on Amazon but you might have to wait for delivery.
Check with your dog before buying.

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  • Great prices but if your after quality look elsewhere. This thing is mostly full of cheap fillers like Wholegrain Wheat, Wholegrain Barley and/or Corn and/or Sorghum, Cereal by-products.

    • What brands do you recommend from experience?

      • Depends if you are going grain free or not.

        Also if you are going a raw diet with toppers.

        Also depends on your budget.

        Where do you prefer to shop.

      • In my situation, I've got an 11 month golden and we feed him Blackhawk puppy food with chicken breast/raw egg.

        Planning to switch over to the Costco brand when he becomes an adult.

        Can anyone suggest anything better at similar price points?

        • I think as long as your dog is healthy and eats the food then it's good food. That said I try and avoid food with added "favours" in the ingredients as it makes their farts stink. There is a lot of marketing around all of it, buy what you can afford and add a few healthy leftovers/treats here and there.

          • @kizzy: I would say, healthy is going to be hard to judge in that way. A steak is healthy and I'm sure they would eat it all the time but it's not part of a good balance diet.

            Good tip about added flavours.. plenty out thereto look out for 👍

        • We have a curly retrieve just shy of 1yr so that makes it a little easy.

          How much are you currently spending?? What size bag are you getting. Just looking for something similar for you.

      • https://www.petfoodreviews.com.au

        This is a good place to start. Independent reviews that breakdown what's in each brand. I use Canidae, and used to use Ivory Coat until the recent contamination report. I feed my cats Black Hawk because they are damn fussy. If you care for your pets, doesn't hurt to do some research:)

        • We used to use Ivory Coat too. It's a shame because the ingredients looked great and cost wise it was good too.
          While our dog didn't have any issues, I didn't want to put her at risk.

          Current scored a great discount on Wellness Puppy from Pet Barn.

          Have you tried using any toppers?

          • @vash5: I was in the same boat. I had no issue with Ivory Coat but I returned the bag as the potential risk was worrying. I am hoping to return to the brand eventually but I like to change foods occasionally to give my dog some variety. I do feed her a raw diet mixed with her kibble. Oddly my dog loves vegetables and it helps keep her weight down as she is prone to getting overweight. So lots of vegetables helps her feel full and maintain a healthy weight.
            As for kibble price, I usually wait for a good discount at MyPetWarehouse, usually 25%-30% and combine it with Cashrewards to get another 8-10% off.

            • @Puglife: Yes!! Ours loves veges too. She is a bit of a food bag 🤣

              She currently eats any combo of:
              - carrots
              - celery
              - cucumber (big fan)
              - lettuce
              - broccoli (stem or leaf)
              - green capsicum

              Do you have any others you recommend to try?

              • @vash5: Usually I just cut up whatever I have on hand. Although I buy baby cucumbers and they are like her favourite treat. My dog also goes crazy for cucumbers! Mine doesn't mind cherry tomatoes but they can be messy. I recently bought a jar of pickles and she seems to enjoy that too but I think she prefers the crunch of the cucumber.

        • This is not a good place to start. The author has a " Bachelor in Business and Information Systems", and is not a vet or animal nutritionist.

          Usually ratings sites are bad for quality info & not run by vets or animal nutritionists, take sponsorships from brands, or just don't fully understand what goes into animal food.

          Trust the experts, not "review" sites. I would be VERY critical of any site pretending to be a source of valid information with no expertise to back it up.

      • Royal Canin & Hills science diet are solid choices for quality food, if not the best. They acheive this with huge budgets for pet nutrition research compared to their competition.

        It's also why vets would recommend them.

  • I think I'd rather wait for delivery to save hauling 22.5kg of dry dog food home..

  • $20 a bag at IGA atm too

  • We have our 1st pet a 12 week Border Collie. We feed him Blackhawk chicken flavor as dry snack. As a meal its chicken with wee bit of rice and pumpkin cooked.
    Can someone recommend a lamb or fish dry food please or it it better to just get some fish or lamb & cook with rice as I do with chicken ?
    Also what's the best way to keep mites away from our pup (as a 1st time parent please). Many thx

    • Raw food is better, I am just too lazy to cook. Black Hawk is fine if you are happy with it. I use a grain free food for my animals but I'm not completely sure if it is better.
      As for mites, you can get a spot on drench from the Pet Stores. I use Advocate. Its a tube you squeeze onto the back of the neck. It seeps into the bloodstream and wards off fleas, worms, mites among other things. You can get a 6 pack for around $60-70 if you shop around. It says to do it monthly but I usually do it every 2-3 months. My animals have never had a flea, mite or tick. Make sure to buy the one for puppies and just read the instructions to make sure your puppy is old enough. Hope this helps:)
      Any other questions feel free to send me a message, although I'm no expert.