Slamming The Front Door in Apartments

My neighbours in the apartments close by constantly slam their front doors whenever they enter/leave. It is so loud it sounds like a gunshot. I find this inconsiderate and obnoxious, especially as apartment dwellers are so close to each other.

Whenever I close my front door, I make an effort to shut it quietly. These are heavy fire doors so you have to hold it while it closes. I thought I would slam it a few times and maybe they would get the message and realise how loud it is. But it's made no difference.

And yes, I considered talking to them, but both apartments are renters, so I figure they'll leave soon enough. Also, talk to neighbours? Bah! Never.

But just wondering if other people experience this and if it's considered normal behaviour, or do I just have particularly rude neighbours.

The ones right next to me are a young Asian couple, and slightly down the hallway is an Indian family with toddlers. Both are very loud door slammers. Perhaps it's a recent migrant mentality. By the way I'm not being racist as I'm Asian myself.

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    I let my front door slam
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    I close my front door softly


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        I understand the feeling that talking to your neighbour can feel like a confrontation. However, its not really like that.

        Usually if you approach them nicely, the good people will want to listen and corporate with you. The ones that don't, are the moron ones.

        You should talk to them and offer help to fix the doorstop, few learning from YouTube should do the trick. Save you from unnecessary stress.

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    I live in a house … and the house next door is inhabited by similar savages CONSTANTLY slamming doors and gates.
    And they are 100% Australian looking.
    Probably owing or paying mortgage for the dwelling as they are otherwise OBSESSED with house looks and lawn tidiness.

    It is not the ethnicity, nor the living arrangements (rent or own). It is education, manners, being socially aware. Pretty rare nowadays.


      Haha debt debt debt. Why not, the govt won’t let anyone lose.


    'Both are very loud door slammers.'
    ' Perhaps it's a recent migrant mentality'

    I can't put these two facts together??

    Why don't you put a post it somewhere-inside lifts or near the entrance saying you will appreciate if people close doors softly?

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    Step 1: Record noises of door slamming after you have already left the building.
    Step 2: Create script to auto play sound at the exact same time each day
    Step 3: Aim large speakers in the direction of neighbours
    Step 4: Congratulate yourself at a job well done.

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    This happens a lot. A flat not far from me whenever I walk past the front, the tenants there slammed their doors with disregard. Sometimes so loud it sounded like a crash you know they did it intentionally. It's really toxic to be living in such environment.


      Do door slams coincide with you using your leaf blower?

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    I would just record the situation to back up your argument and propose installing soft closing devices. They are cheap and can be bought from IKEA or hardware stores (depending on door types though). Or if they are heavier doors then Bunnings have the metal soft closing devices that screw into the tops of doors. But it might be something to ask the landlord/body corp or whomever is in charge.

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    My current next door neighbours.

    I already talked to them one time and they ignored me.

    Sadly nothing can be done, my neighbours will not move as it's their daughters property.

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    Personally I like to hear the door slam while i leave as i know the door is shut. But there was a time when I was moving in and out regularly and realised how loud it was. So from now on I close it gently.

    So I think first thing is speak to the Building Manager and ask him to communicate to everyone regarding slamming of doors.

    And then speak to your neighbour! Its likely they dont realise that they're doing it.

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    I was surrounded by door slammers and many other annoying people when I lived in an apartment building.

    The only action I ever took was on the night owl with his loud surround system watching Bad Boys at 2 am. I contacted Body Corporate and they issued a notice which stopped their behaviour pretty quickly. Perhaps you can try talking to Body Corporate also and get them to put a notice in everyone's mailbox about being courteous to other residents by not slamming doors.

    Sadly, there will be a large amount of people who will look at the note, throw it in the bin and forget all about it because it is of no importance to them, but it may have some small impact throughout the building.

    In the end, it was the ongoing building technical problems and its location which made me move out.

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    I have a newborn and also have the same issue with new Indian neighbours slamming doors. I approached them nicely and said to take it easy when coming in and out and keep the noise down. There's a few young men that live there. They are constantly on the phone while walking through the hallway and leaving the front door. They are loud on the balcony, smoking drinking.

    I will ask them nicely then my fists will start talking.

    Is there something I can put like a rubber strip so the front main entrance door doesn't make noise

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    Long time, life long slammer here, it’s just easier. First world problems.

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    Usually external doors have that door-closer installed and it's quite difficult to push/slam it close at speed with that installed. It is possible that the door-closer needs adjustment so it doesn't slam the door but instead closes the door at a reduced speed.

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    If they are fire doors then they should have automatic closers. I've found that most of these aren't adjusted properly and will slam but you can adjust them.

    There is normally 2 screws that change speed of the 1st and 2nd stage of the door. I just do it myself for our main door but maybe you can get get your strata to have the door closers adjusted next time the fire doors are inspected (it should be yearly).

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    I find I always seem to close doors louder/harder than I intend to. It isn't me being careless, it's just apparently i'm not great at closing doors gently. There could be many reasons why they are doing it loudly, from ignorance, to an issue with the door, to air pressure due to a door or window being open. Just talk to them, they may be unaware, or may have a good reason for it.

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    fire regulations require unit entry doors (fire doors) to have a self-closer with sufficient strength to resist the sucking effect of a fire pulling the door open - so they always require some effort to open and tend to close with a slam

    another reason they might slam is building movement - our building moves slightly with wet/dry seasons soil expansion/shrinkage- sometimes doors can stick and be hard to open or close more quietly, other times they close easily and slam. That's normal.*

    one thing I have done is get some foam door seal tape (DAISO or Bunnings) to stick around the impact surface (3 sides of the door jamb) which helps soften and reduce impact noise of the closing door

    this is also to prevent cockroaches strolling in at night - I've seen some big ones !

    I put some thicker (maybe 2cm) foam tape along the step edge tile under where the closed door touches - for similar reasons - also helps to reduce noise from the stairwell/corridor.

    You could try foam tape on your door to see how well it works - and if good you might even recommend it to your neighbours, e.g. 'keeps cockroaches out!'


    I thought I would slam it a few times and maybe they would get the message and realise how loud it is. But it's made no difference.

    You're seriously the worst kind of person. The decent thing to do would be to leave a kind note in their mailbox or just ask them. People who slam doors are just psychos

    or do I just have particularly rude neighbour

    The Aussie thing to do would be to talk to your neighbours.

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    The Aussie thing is to prank or SWAT them

    Fart Bombs on their door, missing packages etc

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    A point to remember, to acknowledge, to accept, is that people are "noisy" to claim their place, their space.

    Animals in the wild use urine and feces to mark their territory and claim it as owned.

    Human animals, savages as described, use noise and smells to "mark" their territory, to claim their territory, to assume (presume) an Alpha-like status.

    The savage neighbors in the house next door, that I mention before, are the best example:

    • Violent and unnecessary slamming of the entrance door (never inside doors, it is the large entrance door the one getting slammed). To be heard OUTSIDE.

    • Same with the wobbly gate from carport to patio. Slamming every time they are in or out. Again always "external" territories. To be heard. For the neighborhood to know I am here, watch it you all!

    • Noisy and smelly petrol lawn mower and petrol blower and petrol whipper sniper. Why go electric when petrol is noisier and intimidating …

    • Noisy and smelly diesel vehicles, revving the hell out when leaving their suburban enclave.

    • Loud music now and then. Blasting a few seconds then normal, to avoid confrontation, not breaking laws.

    • Blasting crappy music from their noisy diesel 4X4 when they are back from who knows where.

    Yes, human savages claiming their territory.
    The problem is banks carelessly lending money to those that should be living in some industrial area, or much better, in some isolated, far away, disease and rat infested slum.

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    Geez, I feel like I was drugged, created an account and posted this.

    Mate, do not bother. I repeat do not bother with people like this. You'll only end up very aggravated.

    It's beyond me that people just don't understand what consideration is. These are the type that if the building is on fire, they'll sit and stare until someone else does anything/reports it.

    Understanding the mentality of these types of people is beyond me….

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    I live in an apartment and my door slams - I just keep forgetting that the door softener doesn't actually work (new 3 year old building…low "luxury" build quality) - when by the time my brain goes ah crap, its too late

    Remember its common for society in Australia not to care for anyone but yourself, it's becoming rarer to find honest genuine people - they do exist though, just less than before, I'm on a 80/20 ratio on door slamming (80 slow close, 20 slam (but not intentional)

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    Dude just ask them politely, they probably have no idea they're disturbing you. You could have knocked on their door and sorted this out in half the time it took to type up this pity post.

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    Write on a big piece of paper and stick it on the wall at the entrance. Or handwrite a note and put it under everyone's door. Write the words 'please be considerate when you close the doors you poopy smelly buttholes'

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    There will be no end to this without a technical solution, like a soft door closer device.

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    Race is irrelevant when it comes to closing doors. Just have a polite talk to them explaining the issue. Give them the benefit of the doubt, who knows they may not know and may fix the issue.

    If it then persists, come back to us so we can scheme on a way to inconvenience them slightly without breaking any laws lol.


    Just talk to them! I can guarantee they don’t even realise how much the noise reverberates. Also sometimes if you’re juggling a lot in your hands it’s hard to not slam those heavy doors. If you have a gentle chat I’m pretty sure it will happen way less. Also race is irrelevant.

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    I live next to some tradies in a McMansion. Yelling outside gives them strange sadistic pleasure.


    As others have noted, it could just be their normalised view of how to close a door (regardless of ethnicity)… ie. let it close on its own rather than pushing/holding it while it closes?
    I, when closing the bathroom door, push it closed - my partner swings it shut. To me, it sounds like she's slamming it, but she thinks its normal to close it like that and I'm pedantic. I have semi-given up on her at this stage.
    It's worth talking to them, really easy to just knock on their door and let them know that it's an annoyance and you'd appreciate it if they were a little understanding. I know when I've gone to certain hotels, some doors also just shut with a loud bang… I find it annoying and feel for our neighbours but after a while you ignore & live with it.


    OP might run into an ACA Psycho Neighbour so my advise is best join the Cottonball Ball Club and let it be . There no rule/law against slamming a door and as we all know a lot of people don't give a stuff about common courtesy .

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    If you don't want to confront them you can always try emailing the body corporate and let them contact the offending parties on the grounds that they're affecting your enjoyment of the property.

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    I'd suggest the young couple are inconsiderate because they are young and young people are generally less aware of such things.

    The couple with toddlers have their hands full making sure they get the stroller out, kids don't run off down the stairs etc. and are probably carrying nappy bags, shopping etc. Hence don't have a free hand to softly close the door.

    Just because you are Asian, doesn't mean you can't be racist. You are in fact being racist but you believe that because you are not white you can't be racist. I'd suggest it's something to do with the fact that you are Asian. I'm not being racist. I have alot of Asian friends.


    Just sleep with earplugs?

    Even since I started sleeping with earplugs, I really don’t care about any noises from the neighbord anymore.

    You don’t need any fancy ones, just whatever you can get at Bunnings will do.

    Foam ones work the best.


    My apartment door has a shitty door closer that is really really slow for about the first half of the door closing motion, then just slams shut the second half. No idea why.

    So sometimes when I'm coming home with groceries or shopping, I can't close the door myself and it slams like that.


    some apartments may have installed the door closer .. (auto door close hinge) .. so it may not be themselves slamming the door .. (just a bit bad manner since they did not try to shut it gently).

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    Finally! I had this same issue and it drove me nuts. It’s not that hard to be considerate of others, especially in apartments. It was really bad because the building I was in was full of Airbnb douchebags.

    What if it was reversed and you had a baby who woke up with the noise? Or a shift worker? It’s called not being a dick.

    I would leave a nice letter in everyone’s letterbox on your floor, if it continued then raise it to your building manager for escalation. Let us know how it goes.

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    There is a bias in what you hear ===> You only ever hear the doors when they slam it.

    What if they shut the door quietly 90% of the time but let it slam 10% of the time because hands are full?

    They will think they don't slam the door because they shut it quietly 90% of the time.

    You will only hear that 10% that are slams, but consider that they slam door all the time, because you can't hear the 90% that are quiet.


    You will cause disputes with your neighbours, not worth it.

    Move on.

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    Had the same problem. Neighbours downstair door sounded like a grenade going off underneath. And likewise, I could never understand how someone could go in and out of their unit in such quick succession over and over. I was on his schedule with sleep too. I went down there once when it was bang .. bang.. bang. As soon as the ^&*$& saw me he said Sorry Sorry! He knew, I had the civil, direct conversation. I bought him a door stopper, a door snake, felt pads, and sticky tack to soften the slam and make it out like its the door not him…. I was desperate to just fix it, plus we shared the same landlord. He also asked that tenant to handle the door when he enters in and out, like most people do? "Yeah yeah yeah". The guy seemed to think when nobody was around in his face that the problem isn't there anymore. So all I was left to do was count down the days until one of us left. Selfish and inconsiderate as it gets.

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    I have the same issue at my apartment building. The problem is the door closers are adjusted to close quietly when the sliding balcony door is closed. However if the sliding door is open, due to the air pressure the doors slam shut (and needs to be closed by hand). I'll try raise it with the Owners Corp to put a memo out but suspect nothing will happen..


    I have same issue. Neighbours keep banging the door shut and can not open it or close it properly.

    I told building management. They rang the people living there, and they flat out denied banging it loudly.

    Afterwards immediately the noise of the banging door has reduced significantly.

    Some people are just dodgy cvnts