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5m USB 3.0 Type C Cable for Oculus Quest 2 $31.99 Delivered ($8 off) @ Fasgear Amazon AU


Fasgear Promotion: Save 20% off ($8 off) for 5m USB 3.0 Type C Cable for Oculus Quest 2

• Promotion Code: L6RARCMS

Product Information

  • Item: USB 3.0 Type C Cable
  • USB Protocol: USB 3.0
  • Data Transfer Speed: up to 5Gbps
  • Color: Black
  • Available Length: 5M, 4M, 3M

Product Price & Discount in 5m

  • Original Price: $39.99
  • Promotion: Save 20% off
  • Final Price: $31.99

Product Features

  • Designed for Oculus Quest 2
  • 3A Fast Charging.【Note: Due to the reason that max output of USB port on computer is less than 5W and the current consumption varies with length, this cable cannot charge your device when you connect with computer.】
  • 5 Gbps Data Transfer【Note: Due to the USB 3.0 port on Oculus Quest 1/ 2, it is normal and acceptable that the bandwidth tested by Oculus software ranges between 1.2Gbps and 3.1Gbps. The data difference depends on the computer performance.】
  • Suitable for Tethered Shooting
  • Wide Compatibility: 90°Fast Charge Type C Cable is compatible with most usb c powered devices like Switch, Galaxy Note10 S20 S10 S9, Huawei P30 P20 Mate20 , Moto G7 G6, Nokia 7.1, Redmi Note 7, Blackview A60, Sony XA2 XA1 XZ3, Oneplus 7 6t etc. Meanwhile, it can extend connection of USB device interfaces, such as USB devices, HD cameras, virtual reality VR, HiFi amp speakers, mobile hard drives, WIFI and other devices.

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  • Looking to buy, can anyone comment as to the quality, and if this is a bargain?

    • Works great so far! Had issues with the official USB C to USB C cable from Oculus for whatever reason but this has served me good and I'm hitting 1.5gbs which is more than enough


      We have another 5m USB 3.0 Type C Cable for Oculus Quest. They are only different on the right angle type C connector. This cable is more suitable for Oculus Quest 2.

    • Not to bag the OPs deal, but I bought Virtual Desktop for ~$20 (via Canadian VPN) and it's really good. Lag not noticeable for me (I'm not playing really time sensitive games like Beat Saber etc with it though)

      I had one of these extenders that I got just because it was bargain $12 at the time so tested with that also. Getting 2.1Gbps direct with short cable and 1.9Gbps with the extension but I can't personally see any difference in quality between cable or Virtual Desktop so never went back to cable after that first try.

      Your WiFi setup needs to be considered I guess if using VD. I'm not on Wifi6 or anything, but have a single Unifi AC-Pro that covers my house and is working well with that.

  • I bought a similar Fasgear cable for the Quest 2 and it works well, I've had no issues. The official cable is apparently lighter and fibre optic, but you're comparing $129 vs $32 for this.

    Instead, I would recommend trying Virtual Desktop first to stream games wirelessly. If you are close enough to the router, this works surprisingly well and the wire free experience I find much more immersive, I don't even use the link cable anymore.

    • Ditto this guy!

      tots malots - Virtual desktop for the win!!!

      I did get a cheaper cable from Esimen High speed cable for $29.00 from amazon as well! It works well, as I do not have any other cables, there is no comparison I can make.

      Many reddit posts do indicate that even the one from local local electronic shops (Jaycar, JB, Officeworks , HN etc) works without issues.

      Then again I get my kicks from Virtual desktop, one of the best apps you can get your monies worth

  • made me laugh..

  • I bought this one recently
    it's been decent this looks pretty similar.
    Like Adamiam said though Virtual Desktop is my go to for the quest 2,

  • anyone found a good halo head strap for quest 2?dont want to wait months to get it from unknow source in china on ebay. read some reviews and the quality is very questionable

    • Got this one, shipping took 23 days to WA (plus extra few days before they shipped).

      I'm not sure that the upgraded pad is worth the extra $ over this one to be honest but I haven't tried it to compare.

      The one I got is definitely comfortable though, and word on the original seems to be the same so would recommend either.

      • Thanks for the info. How did you find the build quality? And did you find any compatible battery pack?

        • Honestly first impression was cheap and plasticy and probably overpriced for what it is, but in use it seems up to the task.

          I got the pack from this deal with the intention of using it attached the head strap with some velcro straps as it's not too heavy but haven't actually got around to trying it. By the time the headset battery is done I am too usually.

  • Cheers, bought one. Let ya'll know how it goes with Quest2

  • There are 4M ones on eBay for around $16-$17 would they work just as well? (Obviously 1M shorter though)

  • Bought 3 meter one, didn’t even register USB3 speeds. Needless to say was useless with Quest 2, not recommended.

    • Don't know about Quest 2, but the original Quest only needs USB2 for Link, I would have assumed the Quest 2 would be the same. I've got the other 5M cable mentioned by the OP in a comment above. I use VD where I can but for games where timing is critical (Beat Saber, Creed, etc) I use the cable and it works great.

    • Just have a chat with the fastgear rep. I assumed you bought on Amazon. I had the exact same issue (Also 3m cable) and they said that they had a faulty batch and they'll send a new one free of charge.

  • I'm getting 'The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.'

    Any idea, OP?

  • If you have good 5ghz wifi or wifi 6, get virtual desktop.

    Wire free VR is a game changer