Note 9 or Any Other Samsung Users Having This Problem?

Did an update the other day.

Since then, I have had problems with people hearing me on their end if THEY call me.

I will have to call them back, where it works perfectly fine.
I've searched around and some people have experienced the same…but no solution.

Has Samsung done this deliberately so I buy a new phone? 🤣. Bastards!

Anyone else experiencing or had experienced the same issue?


  • Sometimes it's a better idea not to update it if it ain't broke. It is a tad annoying if it was due to the update as they are meant to be bug fixes and improvements.

    • I'll be honest, I had updated the phone only a month prior to that. This update had the words "Urgent, Update required".

      Seems many of us were stung!

      • Note 9 user here, last updated 29/12, no problem so far. Have you tried restarting your phone?

        • Yeah I have but still encountering the same issue.

          I guess ill just call them back, and or gives me a reason to answer and hang up on people 🤣

  • Try following,
    1. Disable WiFi calling
    2. Disable VoLTE

    I have S10 and got a update few days back (December patches), everything is working fine (my sim uses 3G for calls though).

    • I had this issue with Optus/Telstra Note 9 doesn't actually have a feature to turn off the Volte. So strange I know.

  • If you blaze too much you think Samsung's software updates are out to get you…♥♥♥

  • I have one particular client who would call me on her mobile, but I could never hear her. When I called her back, it's fine. She's on Optus I believe.

  • A factory reset might be worth a try.