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[Switch] 12 is better than 6 $1.50 (was $15)/Roombo: First Blood $2.92/Red Wings: Aces of the Sky $6 - Nintendo eShop


Great prices for these games - all time lowest on the eShop.

Note that the sales for Roombo and 12 is better than 6 ends on 18 January 2021.

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000020696

Roombo: First Blood: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000024090


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  • +3

    I'm tempted to buy Roombo: First Blood just because the name alone has given me $3 worth of entertainment

    • It is actually a decent game. So is 12 is better than 6.
      Red Wings looks good too for the price.

    • +1

      Developers are based in Melbourne, I believe. It'd be nice to support a local business.

  • Red wings is a great game, although the gimmick of being able to fly using motion controls is terribly inaccurate in reality. It also doesn't work in co-op.

    Just use the regular controllers and enjoy the game as it was originally intended and you won't be disappointed.

  • 12 is better turn 6 looks interesting

    • It's a fun game. Finished it. Can highly recommend it if you like this type of game and do not mind dying a bit.

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