MSI GF75 Thin 10UEK 17.3" 144hz i7-10750H/RTX3060 MAX-Q Laptop

Hey guys, I've just been browsing around looking at 3060 laptop pre-orders. I've found some stores offer horrendous over inflated prices (australia yay), however I thought I'd post a more fairly priced aus example, to see what you think. Check out the link, would you guys dive for a price like this (considering the current price point of current 20 series laptops)?

Feedback! :D

Edit: forgot to add url

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Centre Com Online


  • My mates have been waiting 6 weeks for their 3080s, price seems quite solid.

    Comes down to what you're comfortable with and if you don't mind waiting. Personally I'd preorder for sure

  • hi, just wondering which websites do you usually check for PCs and laptops. And also like a pre-order for 3060 laptop though.

    • Pretty hard to say at this point (I'm pretty new to the gaming laptop world). Centre Com seems to be on the ball with displaying pre-orders ASAP, and their prices are usually decent (not hyper inflated, as compared to say JB hifi). Give it a week and I expect heaps of companies will have updated stick lists to pre-order from.
      For example last time I checked aftershock's gaming laptop pages, they have all been taken down ( as I expect they are in the process of updating stick lists.
      King computers are also known for having to deals.

  • Wow this price actually seems quite good

  • Man I need to proof read my comments more. :|
    Stock lists*
    Kong Computers*