Replacement Remote for Vodafone TV Box

Any suggestions where I can source a replacement remote for Vodafone TV box ?

My dog just had fun with my remote :(


    • this link is dead, do you happen to know the name of the app so we can search for an apk?

      • Not sure why its being hacked up like that, try instead

        Anyhow the APL is

        Search for "Android TV remote Control" in the play store, its still listed as published by Google.

  • Mate I've just copped a universal remote from Reject Shop for $10 and have synced up both my TV & soundbar (different brands).

    Can't comment on durability as I got only 2 days ago, but can't complain with that price tag.

    Also whilst looking for the above link, came across Kmart one for $12

    Just make sure you call ahead and they're in stock at Reject shop - took me 4 stores to finally land one.

    Also keep in mind not all remotes will be compatible.

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    The remote came with Vodafone TV is just a generic Android TV remote I think. Just search for Bluetooth Android TV remote on Amazon / eBay and there are many. Meanwhile you can connect a mouse/keyboard to the USB port to get some functionality out.

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    I've read that the IR portion can be replicated by a Harmony Remote if you tell the Harmony that you have a Telstra T Clear.

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    If you have a Harmony, the item to use is "Technicolor" as the manufacturer and "UIW4030VHA" as the model.

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  • I have an android app called:
    'remote android tv' by innovation lab. I think its better than the google varient linked above.

  • Resolved - I accidentally discovered that the remote of foxtel TV box works on Vodafone TV box as well, I checked the back of the box - both are made by technicolour!

    • Thinking along the same lines, I tried to pair my Amazon Fire remote to my Vodafone TV on the weekend… no cigar :(

      Had success with a generic bluetooth game controller, but couldn't even see the Fire Remote to attempt pairing.

      • My bad - I was referring to the Foxtel android tv box, not the fire stick..

        • Yeah I understood.
          But Scotty's post made me check my (otherwise unused) Fire Stick Remote.

    • Can you please confirm the foxtel model number

  • Hey Jo1 did you end up getting a remote and if so which one? By doggie just ate the top half of my remote, funnily enough it still works but everything inside is exposed

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      Yes I am using the one that came with the foxtel TV box and they are identical remotes.

  • Just resurrecting this as I have a question for the VTV remote. Does anyone know if the VTV remote is indeed a bluetooth remote? I ask because it does not seem to be picking up the signal if I don't point the remote to the box. If I use the soft remote on my phone, I could control it as long as it is within distance of the box (so obviously it is connected via bluetooth), but not with the VTV remote. How could I make it such that it would actually be using bluetooth?

    • I remembered that the remote works in 2 modes — infrared & bluetooth. For BT you'll need to pair the remote.

      • I think I did… which I don't get because it says it is paired. I'll try it again this evening and see how it goes.

  • My understanding is that IR for turning on and off the box and Bluetooth for everything else.

    • Thanks, does not seem to be though, the damn remote needs to be pointed to the box for it to respond properly. Any ideas?

    • Not sure if that is the case.

      My unit is sitting behind the TV, and I can point the remote any direction and can still turn the unit on. I believe it is using BT.

  • I have an issue with my VTV remote that just started happening, when I come to it after a long break it won't work and I need to take out the batteries, press a bunch of buttons to clear any latent charge and then put the batteries back in, which as you can imagine is a PITA. Has anyone experienced this?

    On a side note since this started happening I got a message telling me there was an update for the remote, I have successfully applied this but still have the issue

    • Just in case someone comes across this, I switched to eneloops and when I check the batteries after the remote stops working one is down to 50% and the other completely flat, so I think it's developed an earth leak somehow. I'll probably open it up and give it a clean on the off chance that helps. I called vodafone about a warranty (I picked up this unit only about a year ago) but no one has stock so it needs to get sent away and they want me to send the entire unit, which I don't really want to do. Going to try some of these phone apps and aftermarket remotes

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