BBL10 player names on TV coverage

Something that has been puzzling myself and my wife for a while now. On the fox/kayo coverage of the BBL10 every player bowling/batting shown at the bottom of the main screen is usually identified by their surname only. Sometimes there is a first name initial to distinguish between players of the same name like the Marsh brothers.

What we can't figure out is why Rashid Kahn is always shown with both names. It is always the case when referring to him verbally also. The commentators always use his full name where other players commonly are referred to by surname only.

Anyone know why this may be?


  • Ha ha. You didn't watch the last Marcus Stoinis game on FTA then. :P

  • To add further, Rashid Kahn is his first and middle name, surname is arman. Just player preference I assume,

    Same as Abraham Benjamin de villivers going by his initials.

    Why does Ukraine have “the” in front of it,

  • OK, the reason is Zahir Khan is a registered player for Melbourne Stars! Phew. International incident averted. There is also Usman Khan Shinwari for Melbourne Renegades.

  • Along with all the above references to all the Khan's, there would also be confusions with Adil Rashid, the English Spinner.
    Hence why it would be tricky to go only by Rashid.

  • Similar to the India team in the current test series. Some have their first name and others their second name.

    Commentators said at one stage it was up to them to choose what they wanted