Hair Clippers for Fading Max $100ish~

Hi all,

Mum used to be a hairdresser, but now wants to start practice fading on my head with 0 experience (wish me luck!)

We're looking for hair clippers that can do min. 0.5mm on the bare blade (lower the better - perhaps as short as 0 itself if this even exists).

Must have adjustable taper as well so she can do in between blends.

Optionals: *Preferably cordless *self sharpening *washable *3mm attachment (probs max 6mm).

My hair is very straight and somewhat medium-thick.

Here are some choices based on my research lol:
1) Philips Washable Hair Clipper Series 5000
2) Remington Colour Cut Hair Clipper Kit
4) ANDIS Ultra Clip Adjustable Blade Clipper
5) Silver Bullet Dynamic Duo Clipper & Trimmer.
6) Remington Barbers Best.

Bloke at shavershop was tryna make a sale and upsell me for not knowing what's what and recommended the 2 below (mind you this guy's hair was an ape so no trust soznotsoz)
7) Wahl Salon Series V5000
8) Wahl Armor Pro

Also looking at this absolute cheapest one for the optional 0, but happy to walk around with 0.5mm lol

We're just starting out so don't need the fanciest clipper.

Also happy to go bald if she mucks up the blend, so not too fussed.

Please also recommend your own favourites! Thanks everyone!

Poll Options

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    1) Phillips
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    2) Remington 1
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    3) Andis 1
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    4) Andis 2
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    5) Silver bullet
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    6) Remington 2
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    7) Trust the shaver shop bloke - he works there
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    8) Trust him on this one instead


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    Mum used to be a hairdresser

    Why the worry? she should still have the skillz, just not practiced for a while/long time…. better than someone who hasn't done it and experimenting on you for the first time? Did she only cut long hair in her past?

  • Talk to some barbers and see what they like. Not sure where you live but here in brisbane there is a school of hairdressing where they have a barber shop of trainee barbers. I'd ask them. Always hear them discussing this stuff when i go for a trim

  • I use a something like this for 2.5 years now and haven't been to a barber since then (I just use #1 or #2). I think, I got it for $25 from Target back then. Good for personal use.

    • Thanks but I'm looking for something that can go as low as 0.5mm (or lower) at the bare minimum

      • I could be wrong because am not a pro… however, I have been having my hair clipped to a buzz cut for 3 decades and even used to shave it myself. Anyway, I checked Bazinga's link and it looks like a bog standard clipper. It mentions combs starting at #3. If you want the cut shorter, I've always understood that you just don't attach the combs. To go below #3, you just adjust the lever on the side. To get it as short as it goes, you move the lever to make the teeth on the clipper almost match each other.

        I hope I'm making sense and I hope this is actually what you're looking for?

        • I think it says 3,6,9,12,16,18, 25 in mm, not numbers. I just checked the model number and I have the same one in the link. In my combs, it has mentioned like #1 (3 mm, 1/8 inch) etc. I thought if I used it without a comb it would be #0 which is fade. I may be wrong.

        • @tebbybabes

          You are correct that you do not need to attach the combs to get the shortest length.

          Neither the ad description, nor the reviews show what the bare blades length are.

          Depending on the make/model, the defaults sometimes 0.6mm or 0.8mm or 1mm. Without any mention to 0.5mm, it's unfortunately not an option.