Amazon Kindle 10th Gen 6" eReader Wi-Fi with Front Light Black 8GB $124 Delivered @ Amazon AU / Officeworks


I've been waiting for a cheap kindle to come up and see it's already on sale on Amazon and Officeworks.
$124 isn't bad. I own the 300 ppi version (waterproof) but this isn't bad for the price.

Black and white available at officeworks.
Sorry I'm not sure when the sale ends..
This version doesn't have adds.
This kindle isn't waterproof.

Link to Amazon (Black):
Link to Officeworks (White):

This Kindle eReader features a glare-free display that's designed to look like real paper in almost any lighting environment, making it a great option for avid readers. You can use the touchscreen display to highlight parts of text, find definitions of words, translate words and adjust the text size while you're reading without having to leave your page.

The Kindle features a 167 ppi display that's glare-free for comfortable reading.
This Kindle has an internal storage capacity of 8 GB so you'll have plenty of space to store your books.
The front light contains 4 LEDs and is adjustable, allowing you to achieve the right brightness for almost any condition.
The compact design incorporates a 6" display that's comfortable to hold in a single hand.
With WiFi connectivity built-in, you can access the Amazon store to find new books directly from your Kindle.
The battery can provide up to 42 days of use before you need to recharge.
This Kindle comes in black.

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  • Staging-Product-Not-Retail-Sale

    What does that mean in the URL product name?

    It's the same ASIN so it links to the same page anyway

    I'd recommend that Paperweight too, as it is waterproof. Read it in the bath, rinse it under a tap.

  • Hadn’t it been $99 for the non paper white during prime day and cyber Monday?
    Can’t seem to find it on camel^3 but I remember pretty hefty discounts then as I bought the oasis.

  • you have enough space to fit about 8000 books but it's so difficult to navigate through your list if you have even 100 books. The screen's refresh rate is so slow, that scrolling through your list is a nightmare. It would be unuseable if you actually used the space you were given. I never put more than 10 books on my Kindle at a time. I only put them on when I'm ready to read them and delete straight after.

    • I agree. Pretty much only useful for reading and not browsing the list of books. The built in web browser… what were they thinking?

    • What I find interesting is that 8000 books is about 4 times as many books as anyone could reasonably read in a lifetime. If you assume that someone could read ~2 books/month for 75 years = 1800 books.

      • yeah they keep increasing the storage size in new models but it's redundant at this point. You're never going to read enough books to fill up that space. And even if you do read that many, you're never going to need to have them all loaded up on the device. How many books does a person read at a time? If you're done with them and not switching between books, you may as well delete them to make it easier to navigate your list.

      • It's like people's Steam collection, but for books. :P

        • steam is easy to navigate your library though. You can use the mouse wheel to scroll through your collection quickly. The screen isn't as unresponsive as e-ink.

          I ruined my first Kindle by claiming thousands of free ebooks.

          They all got delivered to the Kindle, and managing that thing is next to impossible in volumes like that.

          For my 2nd kindle, I had every free ebook downloaded to my "android phone".

  • the paperwhite was $149 before xmas. I'm waiting for that to come up again, now that my 7-year old kindle is playing up.

    • I know right! This was the best deal I could find -_- I hope I don't get undercut in a few weeks time

    • If you contact Amazon support, say your existing Kindle is having issues and enquire about a discount on a new one they'll normally offer $25 or so off. I got the paperwhite for $125 when it was on sale before Christmas that way.