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[PC] Steam - Chris Sawyer's Locomotion - $1.29 (was $7.99) - Fanatical


Great price for this classic rail empire building sim. Still lots of fun to play.


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  • I really hope they can extend this pass 2000. It was very fun to play until year 2000.

    Also all locomotives need frequency replace to avoid break down

  • It's this not basically OpenTTD? Which is free and more updated?

    • It's the other way around, but yes you are correct. OpenTTD was based upon Chris Sawyers Locomotion and would probably be the primary route to go down these days unless you have the strong nostalgia hit for this game. Which I know I definitely do.

      • Wat?

        Open TTD is based on Chris Sawyers Transport Tycoon Deluxe, which came out in the 90's or 80's, OpenTTD simply moved a DOS game into a current gen Windows platform (due to the 16bit coding not running with ease on a 32/64bit platform)

        Locomotion is the 'next gen' version of it focused mainly on the train side of it all using the Roller Coaster Tycoon engine/process

        • Thanks for the knowledge. I had always been under the assumption that OpenTTD started as a spiritual locomotion successor and expanded to encapsulate further transport technologies as OpenTTD advanced.

    • Appologies on the confusion, disregard my previous message and listen to Brents reply to my comment.

  • Its not TTD but its the train version, still a great game based on the classics :D

  • Good old time