Smash repairer in Moorabbin VIC

Need a good smash repairer for some rear end damage. Lower bumper likely needs to be replaced and some touch up to upper portion where scratched. Paint is a pearlescent colour so will also need specialist match. Thanking all in advance.

Will update with a list of companies and give some feedback on experience for others


  • With pearl you never get a perfect match. It will be close enough but you will still be able to tell the difference if you're fussy, also the texture will be slightly off. It's hard to find a good smash repairer and experiences can vary substantially from person to person, best thing to do is read through Google reviews, just know there are many many fake reviews out there written by family/friends of the owners and that the 1 star reviews are legit in almost all cases.

    • Yeah that's my issue. There is a Porsche repairer up the road. Might be worth checking them out.

  • If you can't find one around Moorabbin, may be worth checking with too (seems like they've moved to Bayswater :( )

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    Where does your insurer reccomend? Oh wait, this is OzBargain..

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      Yeah, don't just blindly go to the first place your insurer recommends either. These megafactory type smash repair places are the absolute worst, if you have to stay in the insurer approved network try and look for a small shop.

    • Most likely wont be going through insurer unless it's more expensive than the excess

      • Unless your excess is several thousand, insurance will likely be cheaper. You can't just touch up scratches on pearl paint really.

  • Based in Keysborough - happy to help you out. PM me if you wish.

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      • Oops, fixed now - I have pmed you.


        • Please do share of your recommendation

  • Used collisioncraft a few years back and they have been great so maybe check them out :)

    • Collisioncraft is one of my clients. They're good, but depending on the vehicle, I can recommend other places but need to know vehicle.

      • Renault Megane

        • Are you paying for the repair or insurer?

          • @he11bent: Will depend on the cost of the repair. I think I will be paying for it.

          • @he11bent: Curious why your advise would change depending on insurance vs self fund?

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              @popcornready: Some insurers refuse to deal with certain repairer, which is unfortunate, because they're trying to get people to their crap repairers who use not OEM parts.