Toyota GR Yaris vs VW Golf R

What are people's thought on this?

SMH is definitely very bitter about the Yaris GR.


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    Read this earlier today. It's not a "vs" as your title would suggest

    • True. Not "vs", but did use R as a specific example.

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        But the cars are 2 different cars, with 2 different focuses. GR will appeal to the car nuts who understand the story and labour behind their cars I reckon.

        • Engineered from group up. Hm… GR…

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    I think it'll still reach cult status as possibly the last Toyota ICE sports cars since the Supra and 86 are "collaborations".

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    I’d rather golf r any day

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      If i could get either for free, I'd agree. But if i had to fork it out myself, Yaris all day. At $40k it was a legit steal.

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      I agree. A Yaris is still a Yaris.

    • ‘I’d rather golf on a rainy day’ is what I read.

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    The moment i knew it was coming to Australia it Tee'd up with a large issue i was having at the time with my Ford Focus RS , so i sold it and gave ford the middle finger and got in before the first 1000 was up and scored mine for $39,950 driveway

    Unfortunately with any brand new car model the aftermarket scene is dire and you have to wait at least half year to 1 year to get all the proper basic mods you want from reputable suppliers.

    No regrets with buying the GR Yaris especially at the price offered , the only thing i wish it had a little more of is Torque. The Torque in the Ford was very nice and appealing @ 440nm and 470nm on overboost (for 15 seconds) , the GR only gets 370nm at its peak unfortunately but it weighs a lot less by comparison. it is a proper fast car but it just doesn't "feel" that way in a straight line but take it to the corners and its a different story.

    However i have to admit the differences in engine design going from a 2.3L inline 4 with a twin scroll turbo to a 1.6L 3 cylinder with a Single ball bearing turbo whilst still retaining similar performance output is utterly remarkable. The GR does 0-100km/h stock standard in 5.2 seconds WITHOUT launch control ( already 4.5 with a good launch ) whilst the Ford Focus RS does it in 4.7 seconds WITH launch control.

    If you had asked me knowing now to pay another near $14k on-top of what i already paid for the same car , i would have probably said it would have been too big of an ask especially considering its not the performance pack (Rallye - 2 LSD's , lighter wheels , Red calipers) but i still would have convinced myself it was.

    And looking on it now , i still believe for the price you pay its a solid car. it will be my first Toyota so the reliability is there (unmodified of course) , as with any manufacturer they will build and tune engines to a "safe" level which means there is room for improvement but given the fact its already making as much power as it does (worlds fastest 3 cylinder production engine) there is only a little more that can be done before sacrifices in reliability become apparent.

    What people don't really understand is its a Rally Homologation special , It is Manual first and foremost , it has BIG brakes , It has an auto blipper (IMT) on downshift if you are lazy or can't heel/toe , it has a permanently active AWD system with interchangeable modes (Default 60:40 Front to Rear , Sport: 30/70 Rear to Front , Track: 50/50 Split) and it has a rally-style mechanical handbrake in the age where mechanical handbrakes are on the cusp of extinction , which disconnects the rear-wheels fully and allows for a more sharper braking experience if required.

    The car is not meant to make BIG Power or to be taken just to your local shops and back, it is meant to be taken to the track or on twisty roads and enjoyed for what it is and what it can provide, amazing levels of traction and confidence when going into a corner with enough rigidity to handle transitions then to shoot straight out of the corner into the next, at its heart it is meant to provide a true driving experience and fun factor that not many other cars provide especially with heavy regard to pricing in such a lightweight package.

    A lot of people won't like it for its styling or interior which is fair enough , they will judge the whole car itself terribly for its stock tyres (which are horrible) but the reality is only a few minor adjustments need to be made here and there , better tyres , more adjustable seat height , fake interior cabin noise removed to name a few.

    Once that is achieved then there is no car by comparison in its price bracket that can truly match what Toyota and Tommi Mäkinen have provided the car market.

    With some of the many reviews and many youtube video's i have watched on the car , that many people cannot be wrong with what is being demonstrated.

    The cars capability speaks for itself but you are not just buying a car , you are buying INTO the brand , it is up to the individual if they appreciate the brand or not , but for me i have to give my appreciation to all the people who purchased cars from Toyota that i never did , otherwise i would not be fortunate enough to enjoy a GR Yaris.

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      Well said.

    • I looked into this car and bought the i30n performance fastback.

      Its not as quick as the yaris, but the slightly larger size and extra doors sold it for me. I got mine for 48k drive away. For the extra 8 grand I felt it was worth it. I can't imagine paying more for the yaris as it is now

  • Saw it at the dealer and looks well built fun car, love to have one.

    Biggest problem is its price, Toyotas in general are rather expensive. Paid less for my current gen STI

    • Wonder if the new STI will stay at the same price point. Keen for an upgrade. Current 2.5T is getting long in the teeth, not to mention interior of the car.

      • Will be a new DI motor for 2021 STI and interior. Honestly I like both in current trim, simple and EJ motors have huge tuning potential.

        • EJ is okay, only seem to have issue with the piston ring.

          I like the new interior, looks more clean, and probably better assembled. Current one has squeaking sound here and there.

          • @keyboardwarrior: Ran ej205 with 300kw crank for 15 years. Current ej257 is tuned no issues, all boils down to tuners. American douchbags with the Cobb access ports blow them up and blame Subaru.

            No noises with mine. USDM Subaru are worse than JDM ones we get.

            • @Bid Sniper: No issue with mine too. Stock. But that particular engine seem to be prone to piston ring failing, otherwise very reliable engine.

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      Paid less for my current gen STI

      Hooray for medicare, amirite?

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    kicking myself for not getting one at 40k, because I didnt like the styling, nothing else beats it at this price…

    • me too.

  • And used car owners asking for the same money as a brand new one… crazy

    $50k + 1.5k (stamp) + 100 (rego) = 51.6k

    56k for a brand new Rallye Edition.

    • People like this did it purely to capitalize on what Toyota was originally doing , if i wanted to make a quick $10k this would be the way to do it. sure its not morally correct but at the end of the day if you want something and are willing to pay for it then you get what you pay for.

      The main issue is , most people are on wait lists even all the way up to the end of this year and further so this allows someone who has the cash to get one now without waiting and that is basically what you are paying for and what the seller is trying to capitalize on.

      A typical example would be someone is still trying to get the cash to pay for the car but does not have enough cash flow so is waiting for something else to sell before they can afford it. (i.e waiting for their own car to sell before they can order one)

      But yeah if i wanted to get a Rallye i would just sell my GR Yaris for around $48k , make $8k profit and then just pay the difference and get the Rallye , the car itself is already capable as it is so the 2 LSD's are not required UNLESS you do a lot of AutoX and Sprints and Track Days, the best performance upgrade you are really going to see is replacing the stock tyres. i have already seen posted times of a stock but lowered GR Yaris with wider tyres run 54 seconds @ Luddenham Raceway.

      Last i checked though , only 250 of the Rallye are being made and they are only in 1 color (white) for Australia and just personal preference i hate white , it is too bland , when it gets dirty it gets filthy dirty because most people don't clean it often so it gives the appearance of "clean" from a distance and on the GR Yaris alongside the black it fully hides the aggressive lines and anyone who chose black has my respect because i know how hard it is to maintain a black car.

      Also the Rallye comes with stiffer suspension which might be a little more difficult to live with on a day to day basis but if you are taking it to the track constantly then it pays itself off.

      Each to their own at the end of the day.

  • I collected my GR a week ago. I would never consider a Golf R.
    Two very different cars IMO.

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      Congrats man , what are the first modifications you got lined up?

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        Not a big mods guy so let's just start with tyres! Ok I actually started with tint and ceramic but next is tyres :)

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          hahaha yeah , definitely tint and ceramic the first day i get it

          I plan on going for some Michelin PS4S or at the bare minimum some Bridgestone RE003s if i can't get a good tyre bargain.

          After that , Dash-Cam Front and Rear , Oil Catch Can (once i can figure out where the PCV is) and either an intake or exhaust. i am leaning towards intake. You know how some car's sound better with intake more then they do with exhausts , that's how i feel the GR is going to be , one or the other not both.

          I don't plan to lower it but would like to maybe get some 17's with wider wheels down the track.

          How you enjoying it so far?

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            @DisabledUser373341: Yeah it's going well. Please it seems to ride fairly well and can be used as a daily. One reason I was happy with the "base" model is the suspension seems well damped and sorted. Seats also very comfy. I haven't really got on it yet but will when I find some time! Also just crusing a bit until the first "service" at 1k. I was initially going to change the tyres right away but night enjoy new tread even more if I learn the car on the crap Dunlops! I can't imagine spending anything on exhaust or intake given all indications are no power change and sound alone won't cause me to part with my hard earned. The synthetic noise in the cabin isn't as annoying as I expected and sounds rather neat really anyway.

        • I hope you didn't ceramic the roof…

          • @spackbace: PPF for the roof instead?

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              @DisabledUser373341: Nothing on the roof afaik. The carbon fibre has special care instructions

              • @spackbace: Thanks backspace , ill be sure to take note and follow precautions. i am very particular about maintaining a nice finish , don't want to ruin it.

          • @spackbace: Sure did! Plenty of internet argument over this one. In truth it's already got a laminate over the carbon plastic roof anyway and it's a regular maintenance item. I doubt it can do any harm.

  • Is the Golf R available as a manual?

    Like in the real world if you're doing day to day commute then of course a Golf is going to be a much more luxurious and comforting drive.

    But on the track, its the Yaris of course.

    As much as I love raw track machines, I'd take a Golf for actual ownership experience… if VAG doesnt screw you over for some odd reason.