Do You Have a Bucket List? What's on It?

After a long, interesting year of not much travelling, not much leaving home and too much uber-eats, I decided to start working on a bucket list.

I would like to:

  • See polar bears
  • Go to Antaractica
  • Swim with humpbacks
  • Drive across Australia
  • Travel up India by train for a few months
  • See wild orcas
  • See wild gorillas
  • Surf a perfect barrel

Has anyone else got a list and want to share it?


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    Right now, just to be able to go home to UK and see family soon… :(

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      Ah wow, that's some perspective for me. Good luck!

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    I used to want to go to America and see David Letterman tape a show. Guess I left that one too late.

    • I'll be honest, I had to google Letterman to see what his situation was. Shame you missed it, anyone else you could see instead?

      • I suppose it would be cool to see Fallon and The Roots. I'd like to see The Roots anyway, kind of crazy that they are his house band now. I thought they were more famous than Fallon.

        • Yep, the roots are way too good for Fallon. I think they peaked with phrenology though.

    • I did this 6 years ago with VIP tickets. Harrison Ford as guest. It was good.. but wasn't particularly memorable.

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    Not to disparage you, but I've pretty much already done everything I've really wanted - sure there's always more, but I realised when I was very young life was short. I've worked around the world, learnt multiple languages; visited elysian fields, supped the finest sancerre whilst the sun glinted off my upturned fork. Slept with beautiful women etc.

    Anyhow don't make a list - it kind of implies you might forget, or worse still, you're ticking off things like drudgery - just rely on your principles and go ahead and live your life. Keep your horizons broad. If travel is one of them do as little planning as possible. Arrive at an airport, pick up the complementary map and get out of the city asap. Treat it like an adventure.

    • How old are you?

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        Figured out life at 11. Studied French and Italian at school. Lost virginity in dark at 19. Ate bruschetta at 20. Currently half way through Atlas Shrugged, so #wisdom.
        Do keep up.

        • hope you don't mean Altas Shrugged is wisdom, half of the tea party are Rand fanatic, bunch gutless self-serving hypocrites

        • This comment may be the best thing I'll read today.

          It is thus far.

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      Not to disparage you, but I’m onto my third list of goals, though they weren’t called a bucket list when I started.
      It’s useful to have a bunch of things you want to do “for you”. Especially because there is this relentless ’always hustle’ thing on social media. Picking up a map from the airport doesn’t work with 4 kids - it just means you pay a lot for hotel tours.
      So having a list is good, but you are right, it shouldn’t be followed slavishly.
      The way these lists changed for me, my parents and grandparents over time is very interesting to me, and gives me hints at the way people develop values and meaning.

      In any case, some of my list includes travel, but a lot includes things I can do at home too. Good to have a balance if the world should ever ban travel or some equally unbelievable thing!

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      Not really a wine drinker, but I once spent $14 on a beer.

      It's more a list of inspiration, something I will look at at work to remind me why I'm there.

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        $14? That's the average cost of a pint in Perth lol

  • If we were discussing business strategy, you'd be referring to a planned strategy with your bucket list of tactical goals.

    I've run my life with an emergent strategy (with some guiding constraints).

    E.g. I have taken over seven years off work and counting at different points in time, spent over a year training in a particular sport full time, spent four months working flat out to write a book to meet my publisher's deadline, made lifestyle changes over a number of years to recently have a family photo included in a soon to be published book by someone else. My interests and my development/achievements that accompany that have evolved as well with emphasis on: sciences => economics/finance => sciences with history a constant throughout.

    These weren't on a bucket list as such, but some were a clearer interest that developed as skills/opportunity/resources enabled them.

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    Mine is to be the oldest person on earth, it'll take a while so i'll update you later.

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      Something tells me if you're successful I might not get the notification.

      • It could Depend on our age difference.

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    I normally live in Europe and travel A LOT but my big travel goals are actually in Australia: I would love to see Uluru and remote areas of Darwin.
    Visit feilding in NZ.

    Mend my relationship with my parents.

    • Are you in the UK at the moment? I love the NT, not entirely sure Darwin, a capital city, qualifies as remote though? I'd definitely recommend it! Good luck with your folks though.

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        Thank you re parents.
        I normally live in the UK and France but temporarily in Aus right now.
        I want to see the edges of Darwin and remote aboriginal towns by Alice springs. Flights to Darwin are costly: almost £400 return NSW to Darwin!
        Pre covid It cost £600-700 to fly nsw to London return

        • Seriously, if you have the time, why not just drive there? It's about 40h drive time, but you'll get to see a good cross section of Australia. You could take the inland A2 and on the way back take the coastal route. You wouldn't save money, you'd actually spend more because depending what you drive you'd be paying at least $600 (~4000km) worth of fuel each way, and there would be accommodation costs, but it would be the trip of a lifetime.

  • I don't do bucket lists, 5 year plans, or 10 year plans.

    Reason being, who I am and what I want changes over time. Goals are great, always have some, they're wonderfully motivating, but by the time I either do or don't get what I wanted, I've moved on to want and value other things. When I achieve my goals, and when I fail to, I usually care little, precisely because I now have new interests and perspective.

    Currently heaps of things I want to do. Ski Japan, Canada, USA, having been many in Europe. But that's not a goal, or a bucket list item, just a wish, a preference.

    Personally, any "bucketlist" would be a series of contemplative experiences and realisations that may come through many means, relationships, vocations, acts of service or devotion, physical or mental accomplishment, feelings of self determination. Kindness. Love.

    However one gets there seems less relevant.