My Friend a Roof Tiler Charging Me for $500 - Is This Cheap?

-Repointing all ridge caps
-Replacing all the valleys and cleaning the gutters.

It's very cheap isn't?


  • if he's truly your friend you wouldnt have to ask because you would trust him

    if he's truly your friend you would support his business and pay him his market rate knowing he would go above and beyond in making sure he did a really good job.

    I don't see the point of paying a lower price for a friend. If he is someone you like and trust then give them a good rate.

  • i told him im going to pay him 1k dollars , i dont want to take advantaged

  • im just happy because hes a true friend

  • Depends on the size of your roof I guess but yes.
    If they're your friend, clearly they're doing it for a discounted price or minimal/free labour charge. If you're a good friend, you'll pay them more than they're going to charge or do something for them in return.

  • its a 3 bedroom size house. yeah so i told him im going to make it double for 1k dollars

  • With the limited information you have given i would say it is cheap

  • Yea not enough information, but it seems very cheap…normally should be $1.5k +

    Some charlatans try to charge $5k + using slick brochures and salesmen, giving on the spot rubbish discounts if you sign up that day.

    • Yeah thats all he told me when he check the roof need to replace the valleys because its rusting. And need to the repointing because its already crack all over. And need to clean the gutters as well. I think my roof is 100m2


      Nah not for that, your thinking roof painters company’s, no sales person would be selling this job.

  • It could be an experienced builder could do it cheaper at a more expensive price per hour because an experienced guy can do it faster. If your mate knows what he's doing then it doesn't really matter how long it takes him and if he's your friend it doesn't really matter what you pay him either. Maybe say yes to what he asks, but tell him if it takes longer than he thought it would then you'd pay him extra. If he thought it would be a 10 hour job but it takes 15 hours, then $750 would be cheaper than the $1.5k other people are quoting and it'd still be what he expected to make per his time and effort.

    • yes hes a professional tiler with 10 years experience. im just very happy to have a friend like that. thats why i want to know whats the minimum charged outside, so i can pay him more extra

  • yeah. just want to know cause i dont want to under pay him as well

  • Does he live in VIC? Could you pass on his contact details? Might have some work for him.

    (Don't worry I won't mention anything about this thread)

  • At $60/hr that's a full days work.
    Not including any call out fees and such.
    Sounds like a good deal to have someone experienced not rip you off.

    • thanks xetrok yeah he told me its gonna be a one day job for him. its good to have a friend like that. i dont want to abuse it thats why i want to ask this group how much usually for kind of job

  • Yes, that’s a very good price - presuming it’s good work.

    • yeah he is licensed roof tiler working more than 10 years. i just bought a house recently and need to fix the roof because its old

  • get quotes from something like hipage, then you know the market price.