Help Me Open this Hinge - IKEA

Hi All,

Anyone can advise how do i open the hinge to open the door.. I need to install few more shelves and need to remove the door.

I dont see any clips or buttons here

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  • Unscrew the hinge from the part that is screwed on to the door (the two screws on the left-hand side of your picture).

  • Loosen the center screws, next to the square hole (left & right). Do the bottom hinge first, then the top one. Get someone else to hold the door frame, as it will slides out.

  • Joke post or serious? Had to check if this was hellopam. You've seen screws before, right?

    Easiest to unscrew is the 2 vertical on the left. Easiest to put it back together is to unscrew the two vertical on the right instead.

    • Is this a joke reply or serious?

      Why would you advise the OP to unscrew and remove the entire hinge from the cabinet when they can unscrew a single screw (the one on the far left) that will allow them to separate the 2 sides of the hinge and remove the door.

      resubaehtgnolhcs has posted the correct method above.

      • Because realigning them perfectly again to ensure door closes properly without gaps can be more hassle than just re-screwing 2 screws into the same static correct position. If someone's asking a basic question like this, better to make it foolproof.

        • This. Remove the entire thing from cabinet, retaining the alignment settings.

          TBH not sure why the door even needs to come off to get a shelf in.

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    Ikea's website has the Assembly instruction.

  • My kitchen cabinets have hinges like this, except they have security screws that can only be turned one direction on it. I asked around Bunnings and they said they've never seen anything like it, the builders must have used the wrong screws or been scared the tenants were going to steal the cabinet doors.

  • Are you for real, you can’t figure it out?