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LEGO 71374 Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System $314.99 Delivered @ My Hobbies


Cracking price for this nostalgic set. Don't think I've seen it discounted anywhere before so bargain for those that are looking for one.

Not sure how many in stock so grab it before it sells out.

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  • Note: SNES doesn't actually fit in these which is a missed opportunity.


  • Hopefully with this set being sold outside of the Lego Website, it will be also be available in other stores (ie. store with 20% off Discounts).

    • its showing in stock on the lego website for 350 so one would assume stock is coming soon :) cheapest going atm with this rate

      • I have this set, but at 10% off, this is not an especially good price. You could have gotten this months ago at [email protected] for double VIP points (essentially 10% 'back' on future purchase) along with 40410 Charles Dickens (selling on eBay for $60) and 5006291 Teal Brick ($50) polybags.

        If I'd already missed that window, I'd wait until it hits more retailers and look for a 20%+ sale.

    • I think the frenzy over this set is pretty much over so the price is set to drop.

      • Well… it’s not really that. It was a Lego exclusive for the last few months, so it wasn’t available in many stores (other than Lego?) to ‘drop’ until now. They are just part of store sales once they reach normal stores, which this now has.

    • You called it man! 20% off at DJs 😂

  • I'll wait till $280

  • The actual NES only cost 250AUD when it came out lol. (I guess adjusted for inflation this is cheaper)

    • Games were really expensive though, and a lot were total crap. No patches either, you got your broken crappy game and that was it!

    • Also this one has bigger pixels. No contest.

    • I remember my mother paying $100 for my copy of Toy Story on the Mega Drive at Big W in 1997. Love how cheap games are nowadays in comparison.

      • Yeah, I remember N64 games being $120 or even $130. After taking inflation into account that's about $200 today. And many of the games were total crap.

      • I remember playing $123 for Aladdin at Mt Pleasant Big W in 1996. It was half a week's wages back then. When I realised what a crappy game it was I cried.

  • Fun build, but a pro tip if you think you're missing a piece: just check the box because there'll be multiple bags for each designated number even if the manual doesn't allude to it.

    I was okay paying full-price for this day-one, but any discount is gold; just enjoy the build, like any good lego set!

    • Even if you're missing a piece, Lego customer service online is highly responsive and will send you a replacement usually within a month.

    • I have probably thought I was missing a piece in a hundred sets over the years. Not once has it actually been true. - not one single time. Somehow something ends up on the floor / corner of a bag / under something - every time they vanish with me thinking this time they have definitely missed it. Wonder how many people ACTUALLY have a piece missing because I would be almost certain in many cases if I hadn’t been so adamant that I must find it! - and I always do :)

      • We purchased one lego cities set that was a real mess somehow. Believe it was a helicopter. Was missing a bunch of pieces, but then had a second windscreen or set of propellers or something instead along with stacks of other duplicate parts. Seemed like we got a mismatch of parts bags and were missing some in the process.

        Unsure what happened there as Lego is usually so impeccable about those things. Never had a single piece missing, just that one case where stacks was off.

      • This has happened to me with Obi-wan's starfighter 7661 (missing couple panels), but that was the only time in over 20 years collecting Lego.

      • Either it’s my luck or I built enough to get missing parts 40% of the time. It can occur in a 45pcs Christmas fridge magnet set or a 4163pcs CE set.
        Most of the time is that you get extras of the other parts instead of the missing one.
        It’s not a big deal since you can ask for replacements, but mostly a bummer because sometimes it is a crucial piece that is preventing the rest of the build to be completed.

      • It has happened twice for me in not too many sets.

        But their service is great.

        However their production quality is a turd. They like to think they're premium, but the lambo sian and Ford Mustang are WORSE quality than Lepin.

        • i didnt buy those build as I'm uncomfortable with technics parts. so was surprised by your experience. oh well, i dodged a bullet there then.

          never tried Lepin, but was thinking of getting a 3d printer to make my own custom figs….

      • When I was 10 I’ve got the unlucky experience like @smigit that Lego have somehow mixed up not one but a couple of bags. The shop that sold me the Lego set doesn’t believe my words as a 10 years old, and I have to prove to them that which pieces are missing by building the set as much as I can without those pieces. You have to understand that lego sets back in the days doesn’t sort bags in built order, but in an arbitrary way (possibly by size?), so it is actually quite hard to work out which part is missing, what a nightmare!

        I open a new set of Lego with trepidation every time from then on.

        • yeah, i think it wasn't even printed with numbers even. although i didn't quite have much lego sets in my childhood, so now i'm overcompensating by hoarding sets. Pity i couldn't get back those old spaceship sets. XD

  • Massively cool !

  • Bargain. People complaining about price don't appreciate art.

  • Horses for courses. Thanks OP

  • Looks like they picked one retailer for this so called exclusive set its going to be interesting if other are in the party . And it refreshing to see someone who knows what they are doing here :)

    This guy on the money to get it like 30% + off and there should be another play like this in the future :

    Strand0410 1 hour 18 min ago
    I have this set, but at 10% off, this is not an especially good price. You could have gotten this months ago at [email protected] for double VIP points (essentially 10% 'back' on future purchase) along with 40410 Charles Dickens (selling on eBay for $60) and 5006291 Teal Brick ($50) polybags.

    If I'd already missed that window, I'd wait until it hits more retailers and look for a 20%+ sale.

    • It all comes down to whether LEGO will continue to make them. It’s down to a matter of FOMO.

      There are sets that are always in demand (eg UCS *) that are often in short supply.

      For example you would be hard pressed to find the simpsons sets or the r2d2 set(10225) at a discount. You’d might end up paying a premium over rrp if you wanted one, especially the r2d2 set. Which I got at $99 before stacking gift card discounts etc.

  • Double Nostalgia!

  • I just found out lego also make mini-figures with face masks lol


  • I really regret going early and purchasing this for $350 from the official Lego site, and now having to deal with their moronic customer service team.

    • Totally agree with their customer service .
      I can't even deal with them anymore .
      I wouldn't be based in US for starters . They seem to have some Power Turd who rules over all the staff that hates smart buyers and `_ them up . And the PT doesn't care they are still making huge margins and pushes them away from them to other retailers who enjoy the rewards :)

    • Why did you need to deal with them?

      • First one they sent me was damaged and that was after I waited nearly 2 months to receive it…yet was billed instantly. Then they screwed up by sending me another one, and charging me for it. Still disputing it 6 months later.

    • $279.20 at David Jones now lol

  • Spotted this last night, didn't buy it but now it's on here I've jumped on it, plus afterpay removes just about all the guilt on my end, haha

  • For the Nintendo geeks who will buy anything… 'Nintendo'.

    • Nice! Our of stock but will keep my eyes open to get a second set to build and display

  • Place is so slow to ship, last time I order from them. Glad I didn't pay for Express. Only just had a shipping label created last night, hasn't even been scanned yet