Problems with My New Sealy Mattress


A new Sealy mattress I purchased in August 2020 has started giving me serious lower back pain since November.

I have tried rotating the mattress and within a week of rotation, I started getting the same problem. I have raised this with Sealy and they are yet to see the mattress in person, but they have already said only if there is a damage they will cover. I wake up in the middle of the night with debilitating pain.

I don't think the mattress is damaged (given I have rotated ). I think it has to do with quality of the foam or spring that it is not aligned properly. It is a torture lying down on the mattress. How should I deal with Sealy? I paid $1750 for a queen size and I am struggling with it.

Help please.

Update: After inspecting Sealy have confirmed multiple dips on the matress and said the dip is more than acceptable level and warranty issue. They will repair it


  • Unless there’s a defect nothing will happen. You can see why the mattress in a box industry is booming with 100 night free returns

    Next mattress make sure you can give it back if it doesn’t work for you

    • The traditional mattress industry have the same program varying from 60 to 120 nights.
      The boxed industry has a exceptionally high return rate and that is factored into the price you pay

      • No, you can only exchange… unless they've changed it recently it was never a full refund from a shop.

        • You are correct, exchange it is :)
          I understand the MIB industry gives full refunds, however you pay anyways as its rolled into the price of the mattress when you buy it.

          But yes you are correct

  • I feel for you. Back pain truly sucks.

    Are you sure it's the mattress?

    Have you tried other beds or sleeping on the floor or something just to see if it's just lying down that's causing the problem rather than the actual mattress?

  • I don't think the mattress is damaged (given I have rotated ). I think it has to do with quality of the foam or spring that it is not aligned properly. It is a torture lying down on the mattress. How should I deal with Sealy? I paid $1750 for a queen size and I am struggling with it.

    Hi OP, sorry to hear that the mattress ya got is not working out for u. I'll say this, everyone is different in terms of how we sleep so every mattress can be different to another person. I highly doubt it will be the quality of the foam or springs.

    That being said you could:
    - try pursuing the issue with Sealy…. they might replace the mattress but unfortunately you are probably stuck with it most likely as there is no "damage" to the product and being during COVID they wouldn't accept it back.
    - alternatively you could get a quality mattress topper
    - upgrade your pillows and get a body pillow to align yourself to the most comfy position
    - cut your losses and put into a spare room? or give it to family/friends and buy a replacement

    I use Sleep Republic (medium/firm) and have been happy with my purchase for 4 years now, they along with other companies like Ecosa, Sleeping Duck etc give a 100-120 night Sleep guarantee so if you are really unhappy with it they will recycle the mattress and take it back. Yes it comes in a box but I have no issue with that. The sleep guarantee was very important, I wouldn't want to be stuck with a $2k-3k mattress that was uncomfortable. For a Queen I got it for about $1100-1200 with promo bamboo sheets

    Hope this helps….!

    • Hi Danny, thx for your reply.. I know every person is different, however, what topper and pillow would you suggest? I am desparate to get some painless sleep

      • Depends on a few things Shaun, like your sleep position (back, side or stomach?), do you run hot or cool during the night?, is the current Sealy considered firm medium or soft?

        • I lie on my side.. will a topper help if the matress is not supportive. The matress has a pillow top.

  • Work in the industry here so might be able to offer some help.

    Firstly where did you buy it?

    All retailers these days offer sleep guarantees like the boxed mattress industry but given it was August then you would be outside this timeline anyways.

    Is the back pain recent or has it been happening since you got the mattress?

    What firmness is the mattress?

    Sealy are a connected coil spring so the support they offer while good are not as supportive as a pocket spring. The tech is very different and pocket springs offer better support because they are designed to keep your spine straight when you sleep as only the springs you put weight on do down versus the entire bed going down when you apply weight.

    If the back pain is recent it’s probably not your mattress but an underlying issue you should have checked. Saying that It could also be the mattrrsss hasn’t supported you and the pain has developed as a result.

    Sealy are pretty good with their support. When they come out and check you can explain to the person the issue and they tend to be very helpful in repairing it.

    If you have back pain then a mattress in a box is going to be the worst thing you can do.
    Box mattresses are comfortable but offer zero support

    If you need any advise or help feel free to message me.

    • Thx Jimbo, I felt decently comfortable for close to 3 months, slowly I started waking up in the middle of the night with pain which started getting worse. When I rotated the mattress I felt really good for about a week and then same thing, but just after a week I started having pain in hip and lower back.

      • It def sounds like something has gone wrong
        Has the mattress dipped at all?
        Did you rotate it regularly since you got it? (you should rotate monthly for first 12m )

        I suspect something has gone wrong so follow up with sealy for sure, probably a warranty issue so they should work out whats going on.

        • Thanks, I cannot visually see a dip, however there are spots where it feels I am slipping. There is definitely some dip or the spring has given away.

  • Hi OP,

    It think firstly it might be best to visit chiro and check for the potential underlying issues especially if the pain goes to hip and lower back as well. The pain could also be caused by change in recent activities (e.g. you start doing gardening which made you bent down more, change in job that affect the body posture for extended period of time, etc).

    For bed/pillow options:
    As mentioned on previous posts, everyone sleep differently. I know someone who need to sleep on harder bed surfaces. So much at some point they put a sheet of wood plank on top of the bed and sleep over them for a period of time. Not sure the health /safety implication on that but it seems that they prefer it that way.

    We bought Sealy for our main bedroom that comes with the build in mattress topper around 8 years ago. For us this is the best bed in the house and we felt that we rested quite well with no back issue so far. We choose bed type that are quite firm (instead of plush). However, for pillow I will need to sleep on medium firmness instead of firm because firm pillow makes me having a neck pain most of the mornings. Plush pillow is too soft for me where i didnt feel that I can sleep comfortably.

    So it might be a different firmness of pillow and/or mattress that affect your quality of sleep. Since it is affecting your back, lower back and hip chances are it may be caused more by your mattress than the pillow. But refer to my earlier paragraph about visiting chiro or any other changes in recent activity that my caused the pain.

    Do you know which firmness of mattress that you had previously before using the Sealy? Would you know what type of springs that your previous mattress uses? Are these all completely different with the new Sealy mattress that you purchased? If yes, for your next purchase it might be better to buy something with similar configuration with your previous bed (or even same brand if possible, but maybe the premium version, if you were upgrading the quality from your previous bed).

    I agree with advice from @bloom I doubt Sealy would be able to refund you if they are not able to find any damage on the mattress and they are companies that offer refund after trying them for x days.

    Hope you are getting better soon!

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    Don't see a quack chiro, see a physio.

    If you're a side sleeper, try putting a pillow between your legs and using another to hug. It'll keep your spine more aligned.

  • The problem will most likely lie with the firmness of the mattress. If its too soft your spine will be out of shape and if it's too firm you won't be able to relax.
    Generally the firmer mattresses are better for backs, but yeah unfortunately it's not on sealy in this case if it isn't defective.
    Just take it on the chin and see if you can offload it before getting a new one.

  • Sleep on the floor, a week or 2 of uncomfortable sleeps after that will be very comfortable. I slept on the floor for 10+ years never any back problems.

    • LOL I did that for the first 17 years of my life because we couldn't afford the space to have a bed for everyone. Now, I can sleep on anything and still be comfortable!

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    Did you WFH for most of 2020?

  • Been in the same situation. I pushed through for a while and my back problems only got worse and worse, then next time I injured my back it bulged and I had to have surgery.
    Believe me, if your back is properly ruined you'd happily pay $1700 to have avoided that pain.

    Things I would suggest;
    See a good physio, massage didn't help mine much personally but their insights did help. Also some offer 1-1 pilates stuff on machines that can help your back move in a safe way. If you spend a lot of time just sitting at a computer, anything that gets you moving will help.
    If your back isn't improving, see a good GP. Go see one right away if you get sustained numbness or pins & needles in your feet or lower legs.
    Switch to sleeping on your side, it's better for your back than sleeping on your back and vastly better than stomach sleeping. Use the support pillow suggestions others already mentioned.
    A new pillow for side sleeping may help.
    Park the current mattress against a wall and go buy a new one. I don't know Brisbane but there should be stores that promote themselves as stocking more 'back-friendly/chiropractic mattresses.
    Message jimbobaus and have a convo. What worked for me was something in the range of medium-firm and I'd avoid pillow top mattresses too unless that bit is very thin. Those foam layers seem to offer comfort but almost zero support. Going by online reviews, they are usually the first thing to collapse too. Make sure the new mattress has a 100 day return option and if it isn't working out then return it. Don't spend $1700 again.
    Gift your existing mattress to a family member/friend or park it in the spare room for guests.

  • For me with lower back problem, I must sleep on firm to extra firm mattress. If I sleep on any soft mattress my l. back hurts a lot. Some people recommend sleeping on the floor with thick yoga mats for a few nights.

  • My recommendation is always a pocket coil with a decent amount of foam on the top. Pillow also plays a part in keeping your hips, back, legs, etc aligned; make sure your pillow isn't too high or low.

    Lie down on the mattress and fully stretch out on your side or back (whichever way you sleep) making yourself as long as you can, usually this will help you feel the gaps underneath you where there isn't support from the mattress.
    If you have a old loose fibre pillow, you can also try putting that under your lower back or butt if you are a back sleeper, or under your waistline or hip if you are a side sleeper, and see if you need more support there.

    I would also highly recommend doing exercises to strengthen hip, pelvis, abdominal muscles; this is super critical in keeping everything aligned as well. After a recent injury I can attest to how much these muscles conceal/compensate for useless sleep arrangements.

  • Get a firm mattress and buy a topper if needed. You can always change the topper. I use the foam rippled topper you get from spotlight.

  • It can also be your base, your mattress may have specific requirements for a base eg distance between slats, firmness of base, solid versus slats, so you could put it onto the floor first or try it on a different base.

  • Try another bed if you have one in another room. If the problem doesn't go away , it could be a spinal issue as others have mentioned.
    A topper may also help

  • Ever thought about a fully waveless waterbed?

  • Buy a new mattress.

    They won’t do crap unless you can prove a manufacturing defect.
    We bought a fancy $5k mattress that was awful and hubby got back pain as a result. We swear they delivered us the wrong mattress as it felt completely different to the shop one - super soft where as we purposefully chose and wanted a firm mattress. The shop swore black and blue it was the right one and refused to do anything.

    I’d never buy in store again. The whole industry is a scam.

    Mattress in a box all the way. We got a sleeping duck. Fantastic.

  • Get your self a OneBed mattress….. it will be delivered within a few days. Try it out and check if it provides a better sleep/ no back pain….. if problem not solved then there may be another problem…. eg slipped disc or something

  • Thanks all for your inputs, Sealy inspected the Mattress yesterday and have confirmed a dip and cited it as a warranty issue. The mattress is going to be fixed.