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PS4 Dualshock 4 Controller + FIFA 21 Bundle $69 (+ Delivery/$0 C&C) @ Big W


Half price for a controller and Fifa 21, while stocks last and if you can find some near you.

Shipping is $8 if you can't leave home. Enjoy!

Bundle contains:
Dual Shock 4 Black Controller
FIFA 21 Download voucher for PlayStationⓇ4, includes Dual entitlement upgrade to PlayStationⓇ5 version
FIFA Ultimate Team content 1 x Rare Gold Player Pack and 3 x Icon Loan Items for 5 games

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  • nice one OP

  • Good deal, but EA is disgusting. Bought the PC version of FIFA21, and the graphics look like dogshit comparing to the PS5 version as EA assumes PC players of FIFA have no good graphics card thus adopt the PS4 graphics settings for PC. Sad that my 3080 was not being put to good use.

  • controller's been cheaper than 59 and the games not worth 10…deja vu

    • Probably why it's at half price!

    • I got this bundle from Amazon late last year.

      In December I got $40 for my FIFA 21 key (after eBay fees).

      $28 for my DS4.


      • What's the deal with selling console game keys on eBay these days?

        Is it within policy?

        And are you exposed to buyers demanding a refund because "it didn't work"?


        • You must send the buyer the phyiscal key (paper/scratchie).

          Yes, you are exposed and eBay will very likely side with the buyer.