EPOS Sennheiser GAME ONE Open Back Gaming Headset $160 (Was $260) @Mwave


Good deal on great headphones a bit old though and can require a good motherboard with a good soundcard.

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  • Are these basically just the PC37X?

    • yea exactly the same apart from red accents and at almost the same price.

      • Ah gotcha, they do look very similar lol. My PC37X's broke after 1.5 years but other than that they were pretty alright.

        • Pretty alright? Did you have an AMP/DAC I have heard that one is needed to get the full sound out of them. Just bought a pair so hopefully the are pretty good.

          • @Reef: Couldn't notice much of a difference with a dac tbh, average sound. The PC37X's are "gaming" focused, I switched to a pair of HD 599 SE's that I got on sale for about 140$ and they've been better, I bought a 30$ mic as well as the 599's are headphones only.

  • Had these since they were a recent model and they are 10/10. Only thing is they use a proprietary sennheiser cable which splits into mic/sound at the end. It has lasted as long as the headset tho so its fine even though I hate proprietary trimmings.

    • Because you can unplug the cable could you get it as USB instead?

      • No idea sorry, but interested to know if so.

      • Not unless the USB cable also had the amp etc built into the cable - they're just a plain headset, no amps or anything in the ear cups.
        Definitely want a good sound card though to drive them properly.