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Baseus Gravity Horizontal View Dashboard Car Phone Holder AU$9.85 Delivered @ eSkybird


Horizontal View Navigation
360 Angle Adjustable Roation.
Don't forget to apply code OZHG25T at Checkout.

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Air Vent Gravity Car Phone holder (for 4.5-6.5 inch Smartphone):
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Baseus Dashboard Gravity Horizontal View Car Phone Holder Details As Follow:

Brand Name: BASEUS
Feature: Support Horizontal View
Function: 360 Degree Rotatable
Fixed Position: Dashboard
Install Way: Paste Type
Suitable: for 4.7 inch-6.5inch Phones
Material: ABS + Silica gel
Size: 16.3x10.2x6.1cm

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  • With that design I cannot think of where it would work and would not fall foul of the law when it comes to obscuring the view of the driver

    • Move it to the right side next to the A-pillar? Cops never commented on it when I get pulled over for rbt

      • careful on A-pillar placement if you have A-pillar airbags, an accident can send it back into the cabin at a rapid pace.

        • My car is a dinosaur there's a total of two airbags, pretty sure drivers one is expired too

    • Even if not in the way, it is too easy to be seen touching it, too likely to draw attention form Mr Plod.
      (You can get a $500 fine for touching the "overview" button on Maps while stopped at a red light. Stupid laws just make people hate police. )

      So much more prudent in Australia to install a phone holder on console below windscreen level.

    • I can't think of anywhere I could put it where it would obscure anything but the bonnet, maybe get a booster seat? :)

  • Baseus are a good brand and I just wish they had phone holders that accommodated phones with cases (especially Otter Defender type covers).

    • I feel you, can never get my Galaxy S20 FE OtterBox case to fit my baseus wireless charging cradle.

    • +2 votes

      Oh, this really needs a wider and larger holder, I will submit your suggestion to Baseus factory, thank you for your commment.

    • Get a magnetic one where you stick a magnet on the back of the case. I've been using a magnet for years and it's fantastic and so easy to attach every time, use it daily. I have the baseus version that goes in the airvents. my partner has one that stick on the dashboard which is even better but won't work in my car due to no flat surfaces to stick it to in a good spot.

      • I have this phone mount Vicseed and I can confidently say no matter how wide and tall the phones will get in the future. This is the one and only car mount I will ever need.

        Also comes included with a vent mount should you not want to use the cradle but at least they are giving you options without any further costs :).
        The sticky suction cup is (as described) and I actually had to use a flathead screwdriver to unply it from the mount base because it was unmoveable for me. No harm done to the suction cup.

        Highly recommended for those with huge phones

        Youtube Videos here, here

  • Suitable: for 4.7 inch-6.5inch Phones

    cries with my 7.2" phone

  • I have issue sticking thing on my Dashboard, will this be better?

  • Had 1 as it's the only thing that is big enough to hold my SS Fold.
    It looks metallic but is actually plastic.
    The sticky tape that supposedly hold it to the dashboard is rather weak.
    I ended up having to use heavy duty glue to glue it to the dashboard (NOT recommended. I drive a shitbox so I don't really care but you should think carefully before doing the same)
    Overall if you have a 'normal phone' then just get the windscreen magnetic holder. Much better experience