IT Graduate Certificates ~80% Off with Commonwealth Supported Places @ Charles Sturt Uni via IT Masters


IT Masters is thrilled to be able to offer discounted spots in some of our courses, making it more affordable for you to get job-ready in 2021! With our select graduate certificates you’ll get a reduced fee through government contributions and can defer your payment if you’re eligible for FEE-HELP. Start and complete your course in 2021 and you could get qualified now and pay later.

Four of our Graduate Certificate courses are eligible for the Commonwealth Supported Places as part of the federal government’s Jobs Ready Package. as follows:
* Graduate Certificate in Cloud Computing and Virtualisation - save up to $9832
* Graduate Certificate in Computing (Career Transition) - save up to $9094 - Scholarships available to save even more!
* Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security - save up to $9832
* Graduate Certificate in Networking and Systems Administration - save up to $9832

A full Graduate Certificate standard fee is usually $13,400 AUD - you can pay as little as $992 per subject (reduced from $3350 per subject).

Commonwealth Supported Places are available to Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens and Australian Permanent Residents only. Visit the link for full details and conditions.

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  • This is just advertising what is available every day of the week.

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      These discounts were recently announced by the Australian Government and only eligible for subjects completed in 2021 for selected courses.

  • One way to get an email address, to use at the Samsung Educational Store :-)

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      IT Masters launched a set of unique Master degrees in 2002 in partnership with Charles Sturt University. Since 2009, Charles Sturt University has been Australia’s largest provider of Master degrees to Australian IT professionals.
      We may not need to advertise on bargain forums, however this is a limited deal that the OzBargain audience may like to be aware of.

    • If it's a bargain then they should by all means. Education is as consumable as any other service and probably better for you than a big TV.

      • Lol tell that to my HECs loan. Unfortunately no all education is the same and incurs a significant opportunity cost in respect to time as well as desired outcomes. A JD from Usyd is worth far more than a JD from the university of the sunshine coast. So YMMV.

        • Yeah I hear you, but if it incurs a big HECS loan then it might not qualify as a bargain.

          I'm all for new entrants in the education market, and not at all a fan of how elitist education is.

          The problem is that it's a very difficult market to regulate effectively because of a mix of government funding/subsidies, education being an 'experience' good (the student only know it sucks after they've paid and have been there a while plus as you say with the opp cost), and shonky providers being able to exploit those two factors then leave.

          Education should be more heavily commoditised, where people have access to centrally developed curriculum (e.g. use the best material) delivered locally. You could have centrally developed lecture content, but local tutors. We could all have access to Harvard level (and/or whatever the best vocational content is) education at low cost. But now I'm ranting. (i didnt downvote you)

          • @gakko:

            Yeah I hear you, but if it incurs a big HECS loan then it might not qualify as a bargain

            I think it depends. Obviously the chances of getting a clerkship and grad role at Minters are higher with a JD from Usyd than USC and its the outcome that matters not the piece of paper.

            I'm all for new entrants in the education market, and not at all a fan of how elitist education is.

            I am actually a fan of educational elitism because it puts people on an even footing rather than where your post code is or who you know.

            Education should be more heavily commoditised,

            Education is one of those products where people actually want less of content where the learning matters less than the piece of paper qualification.

            We could all have access to Harvard level

            So along with commoditisation comes branding. Everyone has heard of Harvard and they run huge classes at undergrad level. No one every brings up Sarah Lawrance despite it being more expensive and offering a superior education and turning out a superior student experience however its not scalable given the 1 on 1 teaching.

  • Never ceases to amaze me how expensive these courses always are. Without Government assistance, not many would be paying it. Are we artificially inflating prices by doing this? Supply/Demand?

  • how much out of pocket for each course without Gov support?

  • Even pre-covid charles Sturt unj was in huge trouble with the regulators for a variety of issues relating to its academic management and course provision:

    Post covid it's in a poor financial position and deeply affected by the drop in international students:

    I would avoid anything offered by this institution like the plague until it's long term viability is clearer.

  • Really want to do my GradCerts but man costs are always high.

  • This course or tafe sa cert 4 cyber security to change career into IT?

  • Thanks Veronica, I've been looking to do my Masters in Cybersecurity, so this could be useful.

  • I'd like to do one of these but my understanding is that the market is flooded with people with full IT degrees that are struggling to get jobs.

    I'm not currently working but want to either start work asap or do some kind of certificate/diploma but they all look like they don't lead anywhere, except to more study

    • 1) IT is porbably one of the safer jobs out there.
      2) You are right, once you get into IT and want to stay in it / IT :-) - you need to study continuously for the rest of your career

    • Not with cybersecurity

      • So there are jobs after completing the Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security, a course which is 8 months part time?

        I find that very hard to believe

  • Isn't $992 per a subject the literal normal CSP price?

    I get it the rules seem to have changed to now allow graduate certificates too, but that means every other uni will have this pricing too…. IE this is normal pricing.

    Better off doing RMIT units through OUA, even if it's non-award…

    • Post graduate is usually 3k a subject

      • $992 is standard CSP pricing currently. It's mandated.

        The change is the government now funds certain graduate certificates under the same scheme, but that'd be the same everywhere

        Still is a bargain overall, but this particular uni offering standard CSP pricing is really a bargain… Just an announcement that they'll offer CSP places at standard pricing…

  • There are only three Unis in Australia who have cybersecurity programs that have been formally vetted and accredited by the ACS as specialist cybersecurity programs.
    CSU (through IT Masters) is one of those three:

    Keen to hear about experiences people had with the other two (Deakin and ECU)