Win a Trek Émonda SL 7 Carbon Road Bike Worth $7,500 from Trek



Closing Date 01/03/2021 12:00pm
Draw Date 01/03/2021 12:30pm


Description Trek Émonda SL 7 Carbon Road Bike (Carbon Smoke/Factory Orange).
No. of Prizes 1

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

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  • Hey guys, is the form working for you? I'm just getting an error message "var fieldMaps={};" and then no fields or submit button?

  • Appears to be working now

  • Wow lovely bike

  • Just an FYI that the bike will be a size 56 (the size chart says 174-180cm rider height):

    Also FYI that the groupset is Shimano Ultegra Di2 (i.e. electronic shifting).

    • What the hell? Why not let the winner choose the correct frame size. That's just dumb

      • Isn't that weird…

        Its also only the SL and not the SLR.

        Feel bad for all the short dudes and ladies out there, a larger frame is basically unrideable and the geometry can seriously begin to hurt on longer, faster rides.

        • Yeah, I ride a 58 and I'd hate to spend all my time on a 56, even though it could be made to work. The good news is that bikes in popular sizes are in very short supply at the moment, so you could sell the 56 for a very good price.

    • Can only assume that some sizes are in such short supply that they cant run the risk that the winner needs a sz60 frame and they cant provide one etc. I ride a 54 and if i won I would ask them to swap it for a 54 in the first instance then if not possible straight onto the FB Swap Group/Bikeexchange in the second instance.

    • Come on, as if 90% of folk aren't going to just sell the thing straight up.

      I would actually ride it though. Perfect size for me!

    • yes ….. you!

      • Hahaha… Ok. I have never won anything… So it probably won't have me attached to it either… In all fairness one can buy three disposable Corollas in $7.5K

        • You're assuming somebody buys a bike like this for transporting themselves around. Normally people who buy bikes like these use them for training and racing. Almost all of the rides I do on my high end bike (Trek Madone) start at home and end at home, if I want to go anywhere to do anything I drive my car. My bike is for training and fun rides. A high end racing bike like this is more like the Porsche 911 GT3 of the bike world. Its not very practical for transporting yourself and your stuff around, you could use it for that but it's not ideal, there are better and cheaper options if you just want to ride 10 km to work on a bike path. You couldn't leave this chained up anywhere or someone would steal it, its harder to mount something like panniers to it to carry your stuff and its not very forgiving in terms of comfort for somebody that doesn't ride a lot. If on the other hand you intend to race or do some of the big charity/grand fondo type events or you just want to be a bit competitive with the local cycling bunch these are great bikes. Light, fast and good Kudos leaning against the wall of the coffee shop. In short nowhere near a comparison to a Toyota Corolla. The bike equivalent of a second hand Corolla would be something you bought for $200 at KMart or Anaconda.

          • @2ndeffort: I get what you mean though.

            My comment was more in terms of efforts (that equate to financial payout) that might have been actually spent building such a bike. I am unsure if there is any next gen technology in this bike like a chainless drive, etc. (I highly doubt it) and whether any kind of actual research has gone into it (not talking about "market research").

            To be honest most companies out there have become the biggest price gouges that ever existed. There is no argument left like "what level of profit is fair profit". It's now more like "how much more money can we grab from people in exchange for sh!t that costed us the least amount of money.

            Following the same approach an average Australian can derive far more value from a $200 Kmart bike than something like this without too much fear of getting robbed. The RRP 7.5m mean jack all.

            • @bigbadboogieman: Did you not understand 'race bike'? Basically the same as a race car. You would rather drive it out and back for fun instead of letting it sit in the city to be sat on by people to be scratched up. A purely recreational item.
              Lots of R&D go into minimising weight and aerodynamic drag to help win races. A bit of brand name premium gets slapped on too. Also Shimano has a lot of patents for their bicycle drivetrains which makes up a majority of the cost. The best of bicycle technology. It doesn't get much better than this.
              There is no new crazy technology. A chain and derailleur just works. It's just that the materials and manufacturing processes change to make everything lighter.
              Would you do 100-200 kilometres in a single day on a Kmart bike or something that's light and aerodynamic to save you time?
              E-bikes are viable, but will never get the handling and top speeds of a road race bike.