What's Happened to The PS4 Prices?

PS4 Slims 500GB going for $400 at Target and other retail stores
PS4 Pro going for $550 - $570 around EB, Amazon and Gamesmen

We thought these will significantly drop after the PS5 announcement, let alone the pre-orders.

Anyone know what's going on?
I sold my PS4 Pro 2 months ago with Retail box, accessories, warranty (only 6 months old) for $320


  • Prices won’t drop until ps5 stock improves

    • I don't understand why Sony isn't sending all the PS5's they have to Australia, considering how valuable our currency usually is and how much we are willing to pay for new games.

      • It's because they sent it all to Austria instead

      • Because we are a very small market on a global scale. At it's most extreme, it's better to sell 10,000 units at $10 profit, than 1,000 units at $100 (As they then get market share and increase in accessory/games sales).

        Out of the first 100 Million PS4s sold, around 45% were sold in three countries - US, Japan and Germany. The rest of the top 10 countries are European and Canada with another (roughly) 25% of sales. So Australia really isn't a huge focus.

      • Consoles are typically sold at a decent loss, with the manufacturers making their money on licensing fees built into the price of every game sold.

        Given the stock issues, there’s every chance that someone who wants a PS5 might settle for an Xbox Series X (or vice versa) if the alternative is available whilst their desired option is not. There’s also a number of fence sitters who would settle for either.

        It makes more sense for the manufacturers to send their consoles to more populous areas, due to the effect of “I was tossing up between an Xbox and PS5 but my friends got a PS5 so I followed suit”. Where there are more people in smaller communities, it makes more sense to send the consoles there.

        Plus, other countries are still in peak-winter and COVID season, both good reasons to stay inside unlike our summer and relaxed restrictions.

  • Because dumb people are still prepared to pay those prices.