How Would Someone Be Able to Purchase JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards from Auspost for Half Price or More?

So today I bought some JB Hi-Fi gift cards from someone. He could see I was wary about the gift cards as I was checking their balances one by one. So he proposed to show me the invoice from where he bought it from.

I thought great, so I can find out how much he paid them for. As he scrolled through his purchase invoice, I paid attention to any price I could spot, and it seems like he managed to get $100 gift cards for $41-$50, anyone has any ideas how he managed to get them so cheap? They were purchased from Auspost.

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    Scrolled through an electronic document that he volunteered to show you?

    I wouldn't trust the legitimacy of such a document unless I had a copy for comparison.

  • Most likely bought using stolen credit cards and/or disgruntled aus post worker scamming the POS machine

  • Given JB Hifi sell low margin items like Apple, it's not really possible.

    Back when Good Guys cards at Aus Post were approaching expiry I asked and the gift cards were handled by an external company, but even then the discount was only 20%. That was when GG was in a bit of financial trouble and cards were expiring shortly.

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    $100 gift cards for $41-$50

    Are you 100% sure of the value? They could be $50 gift cards…

    • 100% sure, no idea how he did it but I converted his physical gift cards into my own digital ones just to be safe and they went through.

  • If you're concerned, get him to come with you to JB. Buy something using the cards. Return the item later and use your refund to buy what you actually want.

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    Sounds like a scam.

  • You should ask him and then come back here and tell us