New Car - Missed Paint Gouge Done by Dealer during Pre-Delivery. Opinions?

Hey Everyone.

Recently bought a new car, and after getting it home I realised the dealer had taken a gouge out of the paint while taking off the protective plastic on the bumper bar trim see pictures. Its in an area that is hidden when the boot is shut.

It definitely wasn't there when I saw the car on the lot before I bought it, and I missed it in the pre-inspection. The dealer has offered to replace the whole bar but from what I've been reading online, it sounds like bars aren't sold in factory colours and would need to be resprayed.

TBH, I'm not confident in the dealer replacing the bar carefully enough given the electrics and reverse sensors would all need to be removed from the old bar and put on the new one. Everything else on the car is perfect, and I'm worried that I'd be replacing one minor defect for missing clips, bad alignment and dealer fitting vs factory.

Should I just get the chip repaired and argue they pay the bill instead of a replacement bar?



  • Get the dealer to repair/replace it fully as they have offered to do so. It's a no-brainer.

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    I think you're lucky enough the dealer is happy to do anything about it. You're lucky they haven't claimed it happened on your watch.

    Your options are either to let them do as they suggested, leave it as it is, or negotiate for some other payment (a free service?)

    Getting it fixed elsewhere and asking them to foot the bill - Good luck! You'll need it.

  • They will have a qualified panel shop remove the old one, spray the new one and fit it….You should be more concerned about the colour match than them not being able to remove a few parking sensors. But to be honest, I would have said they'd just repair that, the prep work would be minimal

    • Colour match is easy for any competent shop but this will be a panel shop the dealer uses regularly and price will be the main factor so I would absolutely be more concerned with clips damaged during removal not being replaced as well as shortcuts being taken, sensors not being removed and just being masked or removed and not reinstalled correctly etc. Good that they've accepted responsibility but I'd want it done at a shop of my choosing but then I know people in the industry, most don't so unless they've got past experience with a shop or know someone, they'd be no further ahead choosing their own.

      The downside is a repaired car is a repaired car and value takes a hit. Keep documentation showing why it was repaired so when it comes time to sell, if the buyer picks it you can give them an explanation because my first thought for a repaired rear bar is rear ended in an accident.

      Remember other than checking the obvious paint quality of the repair that sensors and camera work as it's common to have issues with these after repair.

  • Is there still left over plastic on the trim?

    Shit pre delivery by the dealer. I would ask them (if you don't already have it) what the delivery fee was and negotiate a refund on that.

    If it's out of sight I wouldn't worry about the repair. It could just open up a can of worms.

  • Just let them fix it. I'm sure it will be fine. Sadly in a month you will have put your own scratch or dent in the car. :(

  • The dealer has literally given you a remediation option that is appropriate.
    Why would you take it somewhere else to get done, they might do a worse job of it and then you'd have zero recourse?

    Just take the dealership's offer.