Best Work Shoes - Office Wear - Long Lasting/Price Ratio

I need new work shoes.

Whats ozbargains preffered shoe brand?

I was thinking something leather that will last a while.


  • hush puppies - comfortable, cheaper when on sale. Long Lasting is subjective, just ask your partner ;)

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    I see you are in ACT; surely the home of RM Williams as the default footwear

  • I've been buying Ecco - They seem to last alright. All work shoes you're probably only going to get a year out of it. You can certainly wear them longer, but my ankles start to hurt after the heel wears on one side from my pronation….i think its pronation.

    • I've been wearing Ecco for a few years now but I don't think it's a model they have in Australia. They're actually a hiking shoe but all black and all leather so they don't look like a hiking shoe, they look just look like a chunky, matte, dress shoe. May not get away with it for all situations but for a general office they're not at all out of place but extremely comfortable. I've got two pair and am easily going to get 10 years out of them.

  • Quick tips. Leave office shoes under your desk, and wear sports shoe while travelling to and from home and office. Lasts longer…

  • RM Williams


    Will last 10-20 years and can be resoled, don't let the $400-$500 price tag fool you. They're good shoes.

  • Dr Martens for me

  • New Balance Walking shoes….
    although I only buy them when on the clearance bench, knickers to paying 150-200 for a pair of shoes to keep dog turds off my socks.

  • As above… Doc's, New Balance, Eccos, Fitflops (no longer in Au, I think)…

    Depends on what work you actually do… Are you standing all day ?

  • I can't wear formal work shoes. Brooks addiction walker or beast has worked out to be the best for me

  • Doc Martin's. Comfy rubber soles. Not so great in summer as full leather, but mine last for ages.

  • A few previous posts like this had recommendations for Florsheim. I have had them for my last few pairs of work shoes and have found them to be good - decent prices on sale, and longer lasting than other brands like Julius Marlow, etc.

  • buy 2 pairs and rotate usage