Best Android Phone for under $500

The lease on my Samsung S10 ends next month so I can finally get away from Telstra.

I'm looking to purchase a phone for less than $500 (unless I can be persuaded otherwise). I've had my eye on Oppo, but should I be considering any others?

Would like to have a good camera and good battery life please.



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    I've really enjoyed the Pixel 4a at $599, may go on sale later. Perfect size and camera is wonderful (like really good). Battery life also is good.

    If you want to stay with Samsung the Galaxy A51 is $499 at JB HiFi now, my dad has that and enjoys it. Don't know much about camera/battery tho.

  • Xiaomi Phones for me even has 5g under that price.

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    I have an OPPO A91, doesn't support 5G, great phone for photos but battery life for a 4000 mAh battery isn't as good as I expected.

    • Picked up the OPPO A52 myself a few weeks ago. Runs ok. Definitely a slight step down from my Pixel 2. But it was $230, so no complaints.

      • Processor not quite as snappy
      • Camera not quite as good
      • Minor OS/software issues

      Same thoughts on the battery - it's huge (5000mAh), but doesn't seem to last as long as you'd expect

  • S21 is $499 at JB Hifi + telstra plan. But you need to get new number then swap it

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    Is there a problem with your S10, that you need to replace it?

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      It's a lease so I have to give it back

  • I have had my first Oppo (A52) for a couple of weeks, and really happy with battery performance over my previous Samsungs.

    Still looking for a down side, and $245 at Good Guys/OfficeWorks is a no-brainer.

    Battery lasting 3 days +.

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    I got an LG V40 ThinQ for under $500 from an OzBargain deal (RRP is higher) and I love it. Flagship phone from a couple of years ago, with most of the features found on flagship phones today. Battery life is the only slight weakness.

    • If you use a good wired headphone such as the Sennheiser HD 650, the LG V-series is pretty much the only choice. Hopeless with updates though.

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