Prepaid Vodafone 5G Vs Staying on Boost 4G

I'm looking at buying a 5G phone. I'm currently on Boost, but they don't support 5G right now.

I understand Vodafone prepaid supports 5G -

*No additional charge for 5G

Keeping its customers front of mind, Vodafone will offer access to 5G across its range of current and existing post-paid and prepaid mobile plans for no additional charge.

Mr Berroeta said the telco believes Australians should be able to enjoy the benefits of 5G when it becomes available to them, not worry about paying additional costs to simply access it.

“When 5G arrives to our customers with 5G devices, they will get 5G network access at no extra charge,” he said.

“Throughout 2020 our customers will see us deliver 5G coverage to more areas; with more 5G devices to choose from; while delivering the great value that Vodafone is known for. We have more than 650 5G sites in planning, with thousands more on our roadmap over coming years.

Vodafone’s 5G services will be progressively rolled out to parts of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra. The first phase of the rollout will be made up of more than 650 sites which are being planned right now, with sites progressively going live from mid-2020. As the rollout continues, more and more 5G sites will go live each year in these areas.*

Should I just pop my boost prepaid SIM in and keep going? or switch to a Vodafone prepaid plan (ie 80GB for $120, 6 months). Is 5G even worth it? Is vodafone still a dog of a network? Am I actually better off on Boost/Telstra 4G for the time being?

For context - I'll be working from home about 70% of the time for the forseeable future, so the volume of included data isn't a concern. Just speed. Living in Melbourne (north east) with patchy Voda 5G coverage according to the maps.

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    Stay on Boost 4G
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    Go to Vodafone 5G
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    Get Telstra 5G

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  • You'd be lucky to get 5G in your home, it is mainly geared toward the city centres n such so where U are in the North East 5G will be non-existent anyways so you'll end up using 4G anyways.

    So i'd stick with Boost as Telstra still craps on Vodafone (from my own experience anyways) and is still plenty fast.

  • Don't switch, stay with boost, you're still getting ridiculous speeds on 4g

    5g is quick, but not changing to vodafone at the cost of reception quick.

  • Also check if your new 5G phone supports the carriers 5G band. Looks like all will use the 78 band, and newer phones like S20 supports all carriers bands. Unsure about older 5G phone models.

    From Whirlpool

    3500MHz (n78) – Telstra (from May 2019)

    3500MHz (n78) – Optus (from October 2019)

    3500MHz (n78) – Vodafone (from March 2020)

    2300MHZ (n40) – Optus (from June 2020)

    700MHz (n28) – Vodafone (field tests May 2020)

    850MHz (n5) – Telstra (from April 2020)

    • Thanks. I like the Pixel 5 but I think I will end up with the S20 FE - best bang for buck Snapdragon

  • You need 5G phone + 5G coverage. One you can fork out money for, the other you need to be in the right place.

    Hit the snooze and revisit it in 6 months.