Douxlife DL-OD04 Computer Laptop Desk US$52.99 (~A$69.07) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


A cheap desk from Banggood's AU warehouse that's perfect for your cheap Techfast/Virco gaming PC, as well all the other accessories you've picked up in deals. Measures 100 x 40 x 73cm, max load of 60kg, slide out keyboard tray and has several shelves.

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  • I hope you don’t like to swivel your chair when working

    • ya leg room looks terribly small

      • In fact, looking at the specs, this is beyond ridiculous.

        Looks to be 40cm of leg width. A 5 wheeled office chair won’t slide in, let alone a “regular” person.

        Table top is 40cm deep. Put a monitor on it and get ready for eye strain as it is so close to your nose.

        The slide-out keyboard tray has no wrist support. You will get a wrist injury in days.
        The mouse in the pictures shows how much space there is for a mouse. Only enough to store it, not use it.

        There is no consideration for practicality.

        • Perfectly summed up, I foolishly bought a Banggood desk during Iso and put it together, had a laugh at it's flimsiness and impracticality then ducked down to Officeworks and bought a desk designed for human use (Dyson Trestle Shelf $49.00) which I'm still happily using.

        • Great for furnishing tiny student accommodations then :D

  • that looks absolutely disgustingly uncomfotable, youre better off spending the $60 at ikea for an actual functional desk.

  • lol what a shite desk