Any Washing Machines 820mm or Under

Hi Everyone,

I have tried searching unsuccessfully but thought I should ask here just in case.

I have recently moved into a house where the laundry bench is 820mm high. That means most washing machines (including my own) which are usually 850mm high do not fit. I have tried removing the top and lowering the legs but it is still to high to fit into the washing machine gap.

I found that some Miele and Bosch washing machines which are no longer sold would fit under the bench with a lowering kit. I have tried to track down any of these washing machines on Gumtree, FB Marketplace and at second hand washing machine shops with no luck in Queensland.

Before I go down the track of cutting or replacing the bench, I was wondering if anyone knew of any current washing machines which are 820mm or less in height?

Thanks in advance.


  • I'm not sure at all, but I had a similar issue finding machines of a certain width.

    I found Appliances Online can filter by dimensions, but unfortunately the smallest they have is 840 wide. So I'd guess you won't find smaller.

    • Thanks for the reply.

      Yeah, I checked out Appliances Online. There filtering is really good but looks like 840 is the smallest like you said.

  • I believe some 840mm front loaders have a removable top cover, which may give you the clearance you're after. I suggest visiting your closest local whitegoods store, bring a measuring tape with you, ask the salesperson which 840mm models on the floor have removable covers, then measure if any are within tolerance, which should hopefully give you a good idea of which manufacturers/models will suit. The salesperson you're dealing with may have even encountered this with a customer previously and have an answer for you. From my first impressions of looking online, it appears that the front control bezels stick out to the full height on all models, but if you can live with it sticking out a little at the front to accommodate for this, that's a fair compromise.

    • Thanks for the reply.

      I have emailed a few places but usually get a generic response back which quotes the washing machine dimensions. That is a good idea to ask the sales people as they should know the products well.

      I would be happy with it sticking out a little. Would be better than it is at the moment in the middle of the laundry!

      Yeah, good idea thanks. Will grab the tape measure and do the rounds.

  • just cut out the benchtop where the washing machine will go and slide it in?

    But also looks like you need an "integrated washing machine" which Bosch sell but cant find them in Australia.

    • Thanks for the reply.

      Yeah, I might end up just cutting the benchtop if I can't find one that fits. Just wanted to check before going down that path.

      The "integrated washing machine" definitely looks like it would be perfect! Just a pity they seem to only be available overseas.

  • 820mm is certainly unusual as the typical height space in kitchens bathrooms and laundries is 870mm. However I have done some research for small factor washing machines, and they do exist. Kogan has one and whilst it maybe smaller than expected, it will definitely fit under your bench, with the important ventilation space. It also beats all others in regards electricity and water usage.

    Kogan small washing machine

    • Yeah, I have no idea why they would do it so low. I guess they just built it to fit their washing machine rather than the usual height.

      I was so excited for a couple of seconds. Haha well played. You are not wrong, ticks most of the boxes!!