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LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina - 75290 $449 In-Store (Sold Out Online) @ Kmart


First deal posted! Been eyeing off this set and $449 seems cheaper compared to everywhere else at $529
Happy building

Update Jan 22 9am: Sold out online but in stock in some stores.

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    LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina - 75290
    Out of stock online

    Only shows in checkout .
    They really have a crap site

    But I know some locations it will be available confirming my above statement about the site .

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      Some stock in stores already but not showing online, give your locals a ring?

  • Are you sure this wasn't posted already?

    Welcome by the way.

    Edit: I can't find it having been posted earlier.

    • Ello! Thank you good sir

  • Just bought it but 99% sure it'll get cancelled. I've been looking at this on the Kmart website a couple of times over the last few days and it's always out of stock.

  • Ordered this yesterday and it was cancelled a few hours later

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    Currently 15% of RRP but keep in mind that this set is now in retail stores like Big W which have 20% off LEGO sales regularly so it will be even cheaper if you can wait ($423.20).

    • Your on the money and as I found out today Shopback 5% works with gift card 5% ( BigW gift cards are back online again ) saving nearly 10% more when the regular 20% off deal comes .

    • This is true but securing these big sets when they go on sale is really difficult. I've had several orders cancelled even when buying a few minutes after a post.
      Target and Kmart are the worst offenders of this.

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    This is where

    Han shot first.

  • Great first post good deal

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      Thank you good sir

  • Amazon would probably price match it in the next few days

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      Or you could support the store that genuinely dropped its price instead of a predatory US company that only drops its prices to obliterate local competition…

      • if they had adequate stock absolutely, but kinda hard to do when they sell out in 30 seconds

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    I'm lucky I can't afford this. Too expensive maybe by far, but looks like a cool set. Chewie is in there, Han, all your favourites.

    • What's a diorama?

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    Ta ta ta da ta…. ta da ta da…. ta da ta ta ……..:-)

    Now that stupid theme is stuck in my head.


    • Someone posted Cantina band scene on loop for 99h:99m:99s on YT. Can't seem to find the clip anymore…

  • According to website no stock in SA.

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    Am i missing something, how is this kit worth $500? Not saying its not a deal, but doesnt seem good value for money.

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      How much were you expecting to pay for a 3000+ piece kit?

    • Nope. But, Star Wars.

      This set is 7 bricks per $1.

      The recent flower set is ~9 bricks per 1$.

      The biggest set, Colosseum is 16/$1.

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        Yeah but flower=aaaaah flower…
        Colosseum= pretty much 1 colour, boring.
        Star Wars = Star Wars!!!!!! Whoooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

      • True but it's calculated on weight not pieces. Colosseum is lots of little bricks so it's not as much plastic. But there's always a mark up on Star Wars stuff because of the licencing fee

    • I'm not a full on lego expert but I think it comes with 21 minifigures which aren't super cheap on their own, and a dewback lizard which is large as well as other accessories. I have my eye on this set.

    • it has 20 minifigures, that really pushes price up

  • Out of stock. And will be for a long time

  • Can see one available for click and collect at Burwood Vic Kmart.

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    I considered buying the actual Cantina location in Djerba, Tunisia to turn it into a bar, when I was living there for a bit. Would have been around 50K before fitting out costs. Alcohol laws make opening bars in Islamic countries a bit difficult however, and not enough tourists made it unlikely to be a roaring financial success. Nice dream at the time though! Stick with the Lego set…

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      Are there anti-discrimination laws as well? Apart from the alcohol laws, you’d want to be able to say “Hey! We don’t serve their kind here”.

  • In stock here but I'm saving for somewhere to put it.

  • Did anyone actually manage to get one? I feel like there is no stock at all.

    • My order went through but have zero confidence it'll get fulfilled. Will see.

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    • that deal is sold out now…

  • They have one in stock at Greensborough apparently.