Origin Energy How to Negotiate Higher % Rate off Reference Price without Codes

I obtained a quote from Origin Energy via a code from One Big Switch providing 19% off the reference price

I then called up today as an attempt to negotiate, asking them to provide me a quote to get something up to 25% off the reference price.

The operator claimed this was not possible as they could not override the system without any code.

The operator had started off the call by not reviewing the notes associated with my account and was staunch on 18% being the maximum possible until I reminded them about the quote.

This led me to believe that this person was lazy or lying about it.

Can fellow readers please either provide strategies on how to negotiate a higher reference price discount, or known codes (3 letter digits) which provides a higher discounted reference price rate?


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    Sign up with another provider. Wait for Origin to call. Negotiate.

    • Will they always call when they detect that you will leave?

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        No, but if you're signing up to a cheaper provider..why does it matter.
        If there are cheaper deals elsewhere, just move. Not exactly hard to change elec or gas providers.

      • Origin will call when your new provider asks Origin to churn your account to them.

  • they always call for retention. happens to me a lot of time since i move every 6 months and they will come up with their lowest price then.

  • I am with Reamped and getting 30% off the reference price so you are better off moving to save money. There are referral codes as well so a bonus there as well (Both get 50 Credit)

    This is for standard Electricity supply. Don't think their solar fit is that good but don't have it so haven't investigated.