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Resuable Cloth Nappies $21 Each When Buying 2+ (Was $30 Each) + $5 Delivery @ Only about Nappies


A baby will go through approximately 2500 disposable nappies in their first year of life alone. These same nappies will sit in landfill for up to 500 years!

A Modern Cloth Nappy is re-usable, comfortable, and will save you so much money and ultimately will help to save our planet.
BabyTree is an established nappy brand in New Zealand, and has finally made it across the ditch to Australia.
These nappies have fantastic reviews - which should answer any questions or doubts you may have on this fantastic new trend.
The high quality of the product shows how good they are.
All of the mothers we have talked to who are using these are amazed at how well they work, and how easy it is to use.
The Bamboo fabric folding insert is extremely absorbent and results in less leaks than disposable nappies.
They fit well, clean easily, and babies bum stays nice and dry!

Each All In One (AIO) nappy is $21 each when buying 2 or more.
$5 Shipping Australia wide (usually $15). Free shipping if the order is over $200.
Please use the discount code at checkout - AU21
If you’re looking to start your cloth journey or bulk out your stash. NOW is the time!
OFFER ENDS 27th Jan 2021

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  • Sorry for the silly question. But are you just supposed to put the nappy in the wash, poo n all??

    • Do you scrape the food scraps off your plate into the bin before you put it in the dishwasher?

    • We use cloth nappies. We scrape larger chunks off into a toilet (using toilet paper) and flush. We also have a fleece like rectangular bit that we put on top of the absorbent layer which is what the majority of poo lands on and it makes the scraping bit easier than using the absorbent bit.

      Everything then goes in the washing machine for a rinse and then a warm wash cycle.

      If you are planning multiple babies then you easily win out by being able to use these over. From out experience I’d say avoid reusable with velcro except for maybe infants who don’t move around. It eventually wears and kids moving will make it come undone over time. Buttons are much easier for older kids.

      Also Aldi late last year had cloth nappies as part of their weekly sale. Still seeing some of those in store and I think those last time we saw them a few weeks back they were 2x for $15.

  • Does this come in adult sizes?

  • How does it compare to Boho? what standout to be unique to this product?

  • What a great alternative to disposable nappies.
    I've read that 2 billion disposable nappies go into landfill in Australia every year, 4% of our landfill is comprised of disposable nappies and they can take up to 500 years to decompose (plastic components). What an environmental disaster that is.
    The website babybehinds.com.au estimates that disposable nappies will cost $3,250 per child, so choosing reusable nappies is one of the great Ozbargain choices you can make.
    All our 4 kids were in cloth nappies. We even used them when bush camping around Oz with our first two.
    Years ago 100% of families used cloth nappies. Now only 5% do.
    Reusable nappies are a big financial win for families and a big win for the environment.
    When my kids have children, I'm buying them a pack of reusable nappies like these.

    • Good to see you are accepting of the cloth nappies, my MIL is always going on about how much extra work (she thinks) they are. They have come leaps and bounds since I was a baby in cloth, no soaking buckets anymore.

      Once you have your process set up it only really boils down to one extra load of washing every 2-3 days. Although I do the nappy cleaning, my wife has said she would be on disposables if it was her solo or I wasn't keen on the environmental benefits. We did a month of disposables as a new born and I hated how the bin was full every week (we could normally go 2-3 weeks without filling).

      You only really need to start scraping poo once they start solids, milk poos dissolve in the washing machine. We don't even scrape, I installed a bidet on the toilet to just hose in.

      I think I might have spent a total of $750. Around $350 on the first batch, another $200 on night nappies (once she slept longer the wees got bigger and she sleeps in an odd position), under $100 on new inserts for when the wees got bigger and further apart, under $100 just this week on some fleece inserts and night nappy additions. Daughter is 18 months and ready for toilet training so wont need to spend any more and can easily use the nappies if we have a second, ill probably sell or pass on to family if they wanna do cloth nappies when they have kids.

      • Once you have your process set up it only really boils down to one extra load of washing every 2-3 days.

        Yeah this is the main time cost, particularly hanging clothes. Not much difference at all in terms of changing the nappy as you still need to clean the child, and when you are scraping away as the kids start passing solids then that’s maybe a minute or two a days.

        If people aren’t put off by it, and your baby won’t be, you can get cloth nappies second hand too via various avenues if you want to save some money. Likewise they can be resold down the line.