Store Sent Item Incorrectly and Wants It Back or Extra $


Over the weekend I bought an refurbished tablet off a store that frequently posts on here. Got it on Tuesday all good.

Today at 5pm I get an email from them saying:

"The tablet that you ordered came along with an additional Keyboard which was not a part of this deal and was sent to you mistakenly.
Kindly send us the keyboard back and send us the shipping invoice so that we can reimburse the shipping charges back to you Via Paypal.
If in case you still want to use the keyboard then that will be $100 additional."

I have packed it in the box that the tablet came with. Which was packed quite poorly the keyboard was likely the only thing that stopped the screen from being damaged.

Can I say "If you want to send someone out to collect it. I'm here these days or it's in the white box on the Top step?" (Or has that stopped due to covid restrictions?)
Or is it my responsibility to go to Post Offices or contact courier companies to organise someone to get it?

Any help is appreciated. Thank You :)

24/01 edit

I have solved the mystery. Store had two orders one for a grey tablet with a keyboard and one for a blue tablet without.
I was sent the grey + keyboard by mistake. Which according to their website lacks manufacturers warranty. Grey import or has been repaired via 3rd party. Either way not what I wanted nor paid for.

So they have done a bit of a bait and switch sending me a item different from the one that I ordered.
Instead of picking upon this they have done the most laziness option.
Saying I have to pay for their mistake or spend time to send it back. When it was their carelessness that started it in the first place.
I have sent them another email saying I wont be returning it that it will be their responsibility to send someone to come collect it. As I wont be sending a $700 item by unregistered/uninsured express only for them to say "no we never got it. or It arrived damaged"
Also I requested for my money to be returned. Depending on reply next update will include the stores name.

Once again thank you for all your help :) I have removed the first two edits to shorten the post. Should still be in revisions if you are interested. :)


  • too bad so sad, is my opinion.

  • If it were me, I wouldn't mess around with paying for shipping and getting them to reimburse me. I'd tell them to send a pre-paid shipping label (including required packaging materials) or get a courier to collect it at my convenience.

  • Tell them they can organise for it to be picked up from your home or charge them a $30 service fee on top of the postage cost if they want it posted back to them.

  • They have to come collect it at their own cost. They can't charge you for it.

    If you receive unsolicited products or services:

    • you are not required to pay for the products or services
    • you are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from a supply of unsolicited services
    • if you contact the business in writing, expressing that you do not want the products, then the business should recover the products within one month
    • if you don’t contact the business, then the business may recover the products within three months from the day after you received the products
    • you cannot unreasonably refuse to allow the supplier to recover the products
    • you may be liable to pay compensation if you wilfully damage the products during this period.


  • Tell them you have a return fee of 25%

  • That's what an out of office email is for. ;)

  • So, $100 extra only if you use it?

    But if you keep it and don't use it, free?

  • which store is it ?

  • Tell them to arrange a courier with a note about their ACCC obligations.

  • I would use this mob to send it back and send them a copy of the invoice so they can reimburse you the costs -

    I used them last week to send back some brake rotors for a car & wasn't keen on taking them to a post office due to their size & weight. The wrong rotors were sent by the seller, so they ended up refunding me the cost to return them.

    You enter the weight/dimensions of the item, select the date/time window you want the courier to collect the item and print off the shipping labels and attach to the parcel….super easy.

    • Doing it this way you are trusting that they will refund the shipping cost.
      Do it the way ascorbic says above. They can't dodge paying the shipping fee that way and they may also think twice about asking for it to be returned.

  • Or..

    Pay with your PayPal account and we can refund your return shipping costs if you need to send anything back – up to $45 per return and 8 returns each year.

  • Just ignore them. You buy online for the convenience of delivery, then they suddenly want you to go to the post office for them just so they can save a few bucks on one of their mistakes? Hell no. Don't even tell them you want them to send a courier to try their luck to see if you're home, let them work it all out themselves. Don't give it a moments more thought. Make sure they aren't listed as a valid payee in your PayPal account and they can't charge you this $100 inconvenience fee.

  • Tell them you will be happy to return the keyboard at a charge of $100 plus postage up front for wasting your time.

  • It is their fault, so they should have to arrange everything. Or at least make it easy, eg arranging a courier vs losing a "$100" keyboard. They are just trying their luck/being lazy. Some people would keep the keyboard as there's not too much the seller can do.

  • you should reply with 'what Keyboard ?'

  • $999 for express delivery (just like the guy that bought the wrist watch tools)..