Want to Win a 3070? Don't Try and Win with ASUS

So ASUS Australia ran a '12 days of Christmas competition' over Christmas where each day over the period they were giving away goods. Ranged from promo stuff like hoodies, up to expensive computer gear, like a 3070. All you had to do was like this and that, comment answering a question. As per their T&C's, winners picked on most creative answer.

The lesser prizes, like backpacks and shirts had multiple winners declared quickly. Anything of value, like the 3070 had not had any winners revealed well after 11/1/21.

I didn't enter, as I hate being free advertising for something I won't win, but kept a close eye on it curious to see what answer would win a 3070. Only 1x winner for that prize.

The winner of the 3070 was just announced recently and alarm bells started going off as soon as I saw the winning answer, keep in mind as picked by ASUS judging panel, the most creative answer; 'Cyber punk all the way'.

I viewed the winner's instagram profile and more alarm bells started ringing when they are only following 22 accounts, which are all brands, like local PC parts dealers and stuff.

Pics in link: https://imgur.com/a/1elqR9K

So either the ASUS judging panel has rocks for brains and thinks that is the most creative response, or there is foul play in their marketing team, either way I'm not considering ASUS for any future purchases.

Most of the other big ticket items still don't have a winner announced. Maybe they promised to give after stuff they couldn't' actually get.

Anyway, I'm glad I didn't enter as it turned out to be a shitshow of a 'competition'.

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    I don't believe most 'competitions' are legit anyway, but I really highly doubt ASUS would do something like that. They hand out tons upon tons of free products to reviewers and sponsor projects, teams and charities everywhere.

    They're an industry juggernaut and really not hurting for an RTX3070 to pull something like this.

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      They probably can't be arsed judging every entry nor even any at all, so just pick one at random. They often frame it as a creativite competition so they can pass it as a game of skill rather than chance.

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      They published the competition with specific terms and conditions of picking the most creative answer. So at the very least they’ve failed to follow their own T&C’s.

      Sure ASUS are an industry juggernaut but doesn’t mean their local promo staff aren’t capable of messing up a competition, or unscrupulous activity.

      • Ehh, I really don't care enough about it but "most creative answer" is highly subjective. As lame as 'Cyber punk all the way' sounds, it might have tickled someone and they thought it was funny.

        Either that or it was randomly selected from a pool of 'creative answers' and they deemed it suitable. It's not worth the effort worrying about it.

        I do like pineapple on spicy pizzas, gives it a nice balance. The SIF pizza is absolutely sublime.

    • I don't believe most 'competitions' are legit anyway


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    I thought Asus would need a Licence or Permit to run such a Promo?

    • Thanks Mr Morrison. Now get back to work ya bludger.

  • I can't be bothered understanding what you're accusing them of or looking at the images, but you sound pretty sure of it so I'm with you 100%. Tell us where to send the pizzas.

    • I could totally go a Pizza and some cheesy Garlic Bread. :+)

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      I love your reckless enthusiasm! You like pineapple on pizza right?

  • That comment is the first comment I see on the post. Is it possible the "judging panel" just couldn't be bothered and just picked the first person to comment?

    • The reason it appears first for you is because the page commented on it

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    My Twitter account is legit just full of junk related to computer stores for competitions, use it for nothing else.

    I won a Facebook competition for a 750gb ssd with something incredibly boring, I am sure they just pick an entry at random instead of reading thousands of people trying to be clever.

    • Yeah I figured they use some random method to pick the winner, but then surely the random pick needs to be verified against their own terms of ‘most creative answer’. If not valid, pick next random winner.

    • Heh yeah I have a seperate Facebook insta and twitter for competitions.

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    This could just mean this person enters alot of these competitions, i dont see how you can come to some kind of collusion or rigged process conclusion with this information alone.

    You are making alot of leaps of logic here.

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    these competitions are lotteries, but due to whatever regulation they need to be based on "skill"

    dont you remember the endless competitions youd see as a kid, asking you to write some 20 word response? that was their way of legally picking something out of a hat

  • Either suspect or an account purely set up for promotions/competitions
    I love how the ask is to name the game you’ll play but is judged on most creative 😂

  • So either the ASUS judging panel has rocks for brains and thinks that is the most creative response, or there is foul play in their marketing team,

    Companies ask for creative responses to get around laws and rules regarding luck based promotions I heard, so most likely it was just randomly chosen. Also many people make accounts for promotions/competitions use only because of the amount of personal data they steal use from you.

    While I agree its all iffy, almost all competitions I've seen online has been the same way.

    • That’s not the reply I would have expected from your username :P

    • to get around laws and rules regarding luck based promotions I heard

      Seems so.

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    I would have thought such a post full of accusations could get lots of people in shit legally…

  • Hahaha.

    I do this sort of shit myself. The only reason I have social media nowadays is to spam comps. Otherwise I'd never use Twitter or Instagram.

    As for Facebook, I've customised my feed now to the point where I only see competitions, not 'friends' posting up pictures of their children or getting engaged/married.

    Anyway, I've judged a 25WOL competition before. The prize was a cruise. I'll never forget trawling through 100 shitty entries just to come up with a shortlist of 3 slightly better answers. With Facebook, you can actually see how bad the average entry is and how so many idiots don't understand the concept of 25 WOL.

    Judges often just isolate a portion of entries and pick whatever is the most decent out of that selection. That's one way to save time.

    Also, there is a winner profile that exists for many comps but is never explicitly stated. That profile usually being a middle aged white woman (often with kids) since they're the most likely candidate to spam comps. This can vary of course. For comps giving away computers and video games, the entrants are usually males between 18-30 years old.

    It also helps if you have an anglicised name since its rare to see people with foreign names being announced as winners.

    But the reality is that you'll only ever win 1-3% of the comps you enter if you're lucky.

  • i'm guessing it is an account created soley for entering competitions